The Chalice of Death - Robert Silverberg

The Chalice of Death

By Robert Silverberg

  • Release Date: 2015-07-28
  • Genre: Adventure


Three novels of adventure among the stars from the Science Fiction Grand Master and author of Across a Billion Years.

In The Chalice of Death, Hallam Navarre is tasked by his alien master to seek out a fabled weapon on the homeworld of a once-mighty, but long-fallen, empire that is all but forgotten: a planet called Earth. In Starhaven, Johnny Mantell is a fugitive who finds sanctuary on an artificial world run by criminals, only to discover that every haven has its price. And in Shadow on the Stars, Baird Ewing travels to distant Earth on a desperate mission to save his colony from rapacious aliens, but becomes swept up in a bigger war—a war in time as well as space.

As a young man, Robert Silverberg was a science fiction prodigy, turning out top-flight stories in the blink of an eye. Even in those early years, his prose showed evidence of the literary and imaginative qualities that would make him a giant in the field who would go on to win multiple Hugo and Nebula Awards—as this trio of space adventures attests.