Instant Experience For Real Estate Agents - David Thyfault

Instant Experience For Real Estate Agents

By David Thyfault

  • Release Date: 2015-06-09
  • Genre: Industries & Professions
Score: 4.5
From 60 Ratings


50 Things You will Learn By Reading “Instant Experience.”

1) Learn what real estate schools won’t tell you;
2) Find out what your manager does not usually discuss with you;
3) Find out why so many ordinary people do well in the business;
4) Discover why adults without children are worth a gold mine to you;
5) Find out how and why YOU have inside access to new listings;
6) Determine how to get reimbursed for your schooling and licensing;
7) Generate steady income, WHETHER YOU WORK OR NOT;
8) Learn secrets of veteran real estate agents.
9) Discover marketing systems that offer steady streams of listings;
10) Phase into the business without the stress of commission sales;
11) Learn why and how investors want you to work with them, even if you are brand new to the industry;
12) Find unique opportunities that await YOU because of your profile;
13) Get 50 people to each send you one solid lead every year;
14) Find out why YOU have a GREAT chance to become a millionaire;
15) You will learn why a typical housewife has a better chance to succeed than her college-educated male counterparts;
16) Find the power in forming partnerships and how to do it;
17) Uncover the top 10 tools of the successful brokers;
18) Identify and exploit unique and valuable skills that you already have but did not know were so valuable;
19) You can get other people to donate their time and money to your cause;
20) You will come to realize why your friends and family will betray you;
21) Learn the most common mistakes that agents of all skill levels make;
22) You will uncover why property values are virtually guaranteed to go up;
23) You can make more money if you shift your efforts to cheap properties rather than the more expensive ones;
24) How to show multiple buyers the same property at the same time and create a feeding frenzy among them;
25) Discover your most valuable asset and learn how to protect it…from yourself;
26) Learn how you can party your way to a fortune;
27) Find hidden money that you can invest;
28) Discover why real estate is a better investment than stocks;
29) When is it better to work with buyers than sellers and vice versa;
30) What are the worst things brokers spend their money on;
31) You will always know what to do next in any transaction, once you uncover the 5 distinct steps to a successful sale;
32) Pick up 20 leads in a weekend;
33) Meet odd brokers who have special messages for us all;
34) How to establish a specialty that will make you big money;
35) How to generate a room full of your own first-time buyers;
36) Are you better suited to working for a small company, a local company with multiple offices, or a major Franchise like RE/MAX, C-21, Keller Williams, Coldwell Banker or Prudential Real Estate;
37) What is the one bad habit that can wipe out all of your great successes;
38) How you can sell a property for half of what you paid for it and still make a profit;
39) Find out about the hidden expenses of the business;
40) Read about YOUR NEW life-changing budgeting plan that is designed especially for real estate agents;
41) Learn eight time-proven farming techniques that generate a chain of quality listings;
42) See what lessons you can gather from 14 different and interesting real-life transactions;
43) Learn how you can retire in 15 years even if you are not a top producer;
44) Determine how to create a group of entry-level investors who will want to work exclusively with you;
45) Learn how to make big profits off of activities you already enjoy doing;
46) Find out how to be your own best client;
47) Many property managers are millionaires. Learn how to join them;
48) How to always have an enthusiastic buyer to work with;
49) Find out lots of fun ways to promote yourself;
50) Learn how to fill the off season with quality buyers.

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  • Good before Chapter 9

    By jeanlpa
    Good before Chapter 9
  • Excellent book

    By JohnDzula
    Really enjoyed reading this book. Uncle Dave reminded me a lot of one of my past broker I used to work for and ended up teaching me a lot about the real estate business when I first started out. Uncle Dave is a genuinely good person and talks a lot about real estate and uncovers various ways to make money in the business. Including doing syndication and partnership deals. If Uncle Dave comes out with a book just dedicated to those topics. I will be the first to buy it. Uncle Dave done a great job because he broke down everything so the reader is able to easily understand the topics and also gave a real life example that are most times fun and interesting to read. Also enjoyed the jokes at the end of each chapter. If you are in real estate this book should be a requirement to read just as Millionaire Real Estate Agent.
  • Hidden gems

    By xtriva
    This book has so many hidden gems. This book being free HAS to be illegal, it’s just too good!
  • Wow

    By de-bo1
    This book Provided a handful of needed information and “real world” examples, I would like to thank Uncle Dave for sharing this information with us.