Epic Fails: Invention - Bart King

Epic Fails: Invention

By Bart King

  • Release Date: 2014-09-01
  • Genre: Science & Nature


Most people think it’s good to have new ideas. But what if your new ideas are terrible? In this book, you can read about people who turned their ideas (not all of them completely terrible) into inventions. 

Have you ever done anything really, really stupid? Well, this series isn't about you. It's about other people who did really stupid things. And what happened as a result. In other words, epic fails. This easy reading book has entertaining illustrations sprinkled throughout.

About the Author: Bart King writes humorous books for younger readers and immature adults. As a longtime middle-school teacher, Bart knows how to appeal to kids with funny writing and irresistible topics. His titles have been bestsellers, and have been translated into Chinese, Spanish, and Australian.