Nobody But You - Jill Shalvis

Nobody But You

By Jill Shalvis

  • Release Date: 2016-03-29
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 200 Ratings


From New York Times bestselling author Jill Shalvis...

Sometimes You Can Go Home Again . . .
After an overseas mission goes wrong, Army Special Forces officer Jacob Kincaid knows where he must go to make things right: back home to the tiny town of Cedar Ridge, Colorado. All he needs to scrub away his painful past is fresh mountain air, a lakeside cabin, and quiet solitude. But what he discovers is a gorgeous woman living on a boat at his dock.

Sophie Marren has nowhere else to go. She's broke, intermittently seasick, and fighting a serious attraction to the brooding, dishy, I'm-too-sexy-for-myself guy who's now claiming her dock. Something about Jacob's dark intensity makes her want to tease-and tempt-him beyond measure. Neither one wants to give any ground . . . until they realize the only true home they have is with each other.


  • Do not miss this one!

    By PattiA810
    Jill Shalvis does not disappoint. I love the third book in the Cedar Ridge series. I think it is my favorite. Jacob and Sophie are strong, funny and perfect for each other. I don't want to give away anything about their story except it is a must read!!
  • Jacob finally returns home

    By Misty Racquel
    This is another good book in the Cedar Ridge series. I have been looking forward to reading about Jacob since the first book when he was mentioned. With him being deployed we were only able to hear stories about him, why he left, and how worried everyone was. He finally comes home and we are about to meet Jacob. The last Kincaid brother finds love. Jacob is home in Cedar Ridge on leave from the military after an accident that killed his best friend. He is planning on reconnecting with his family, including his twin brother Hudson, after years. He’s unsure how to reconnect with his family because he doesn’t feel like he should be a part of the family and apologize for the way he left. On his first day home he meets Sophie Marren. Sophie does odd jobs around town after her divorce. She is living on her ex-husbands boat which he loves. She took the boat, which he named after himself, as revenge for his cheating ways she is rebuilding a life for herself. Sophie is a very strong woman with a big heart and is great for Jacob. The good thing about Jill’s books is they are full of love, family, and friends. I recommend this book I really enjoyed reading about Jacob and Sophie. The only critique I have is that I feel like more could have been done with Jacob. We could have seen what he went through in the military and more interactions between Jacob and Hudson. I would love to meet a Jacob of my own, he is one of the good guys. Received ARC from NetGalley in exchange for honest review
  • Shalvis writes a story that will transport you away, and White’s narration is the icing on the cake.

    By glhince
    AudioBook Review: Stars: Overall 4 Narration 5 Story 4 Jacob Kincaid discovers that the home he vowed to keep in the rear-view mirror is just the place to recover and heal, after all. After leaving Cedar Ridge as soon as he was able, joining the army and working his way up to be a Special Forces officer, a mission going pear shaped left him in crisis. Missing his army brothers and his twin, he’s not sure just what he needs from the world, so he heads home to a cabin on the lake to heal and regroup. What he never expected, or wanted, was a connection with someone else, let alone the woman living at the end of his dock. Sophie is reeling after a divorce: now finding her own feet after an abusive and controlling husband, no money, no real home but the boat, which she hates and is constantly seasick and she’s just never going to ‘go there’ with another man again. These two are adorable together – they both have so much to give and are the type of people you want to get to know and hang out with. While none of the story trajectory is particularly surprising, that is NEVER a hardship, because the chemistry and the banter just make you want to cheer for them to find happiness, preferably together. Narration for this story is provided by Karen White, and she just transforms the written words with her inflections, pacing and obvious enjoyment of the story. The second of this series that I’ve reviewed, both featured her as the narrator, and I have yet to not find her performance enhancing anything she presents. Both characters were clearly presented and distinct, and there were plenty of moments and situations that were simply laugh-out-loud. Shalvis writes a story that will transport you away, and White’s narration is the icing on the cake. I received an audiobook copy of the title from Hachette Audio for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.
  • Jacob’s Story

    By Sharon L.H.
    I read pretty much anything Jill Shalvis writes. Some are hits and some are misses, but she’s a solid storyteller and worth my time and money. I’ve enjoyed the Cedar Ridge books, but Nobody but You feels different and special. I was surprised at how tender Jacob was, despite his history. It takes a lot for a book to move me to tears, probably because I read so many, but this particular story found a place in my heart, and I was a little bit teary eyed. I’m not sure if that will sell this book to you, but I found it worthy. Five stars.
  • Returning Home

    By Eileen A-W
    I’m not sure I can express how much I loved Nobody But You by Jill Shalvis. This book exemplifies Shalvis’ sense of humor, her creativity, as well as her outstanding writing ability. Nobody But You is the third book in her Cedar Ridge series, featuring the Kincaid family. This book stars Jacob Kincaid, missing brother of the Kincaid family, and Sophie Marren, a recent divorcee who’s trying to gain control of her life. Jacob and Hudson (book 2, My Kind of Wonderful) are identical twins who had a falling out on the night of their high school graduation. Jacob left Cedar Ridge, joined the Army and became incommunicado. After getting injured in a blast that killed his best friend, Jacob returns to Cedar Ridge to try and make things right. Sophie is a lost soul. The only asset she took from her marriage was the boat her cheating, two-timing ex-husband loved more than anything. He took her car and got her fired from her job. Currently, Sophie is working as a temp as she moves the boat to various places to dock overnight without paying for a slip. She finds herself face to face with Jacob when she docks the boat on the pier at the house he is renting. Ms. Shalvis did an amazing job taking the reader through the up and downs these two go through to discover themselves. In addition to the two have an undeniable attraction for each other and the ability to see below the surface to who the real them. Not only do Jacob and Sophie love each other, they find the key to loving themselves. Nobody But You, although part of the Cedar Ridge series, is a standalone story. Shalvis is a talented writer, able to create a funny, romantic story that made it hard, at least for this reader, to put the book down. This is a must read for anyone who enjoys a good contemporary romance that contains a lot of humor mixed in with smexy. I really enjoy reading books written by Jill Shalvis and am always looking forward to her next one.
  • Nobody But You

    By Cymmie
    The fact that this book can be read as a stand alone book is why I'm giving this book three stars. The family/guys crazy magic that made the other two books so special lacked big time in this book. I was left very disappointed. It was like this book was written really fast and the other two were forgot about. Never have given JS a three star before but I'm so gosh darn disappointed.... 😢💔
  • Love is real

    By 2kasmom
    This is the 3rd book in the Cedar Ridge series. This book can be read as a standalone novel. For reader enjoyment and full understanding, please read in order. Jacob returns like the prodigal son, only to find there is someone right outside his door who would rather be left alone herself. Sophie has wounds that go deep and keep her from opening up, much like he does. They truly are a set match. Sophie and Jacob both have secrets and pain that they hide from the world. Right from the start, they have trouble hiding their feelings for each other. Can someone who relies only on themselves ever learn to lean on another person? They both need to meet halfway to make this relationship real. Truly another fabulous book by the amazing author! The characters are complex. The sexy heat is a strong slow burn right from the beginning. The other characters we love from this series are here for comic relief. It is a well written story with heat and love. ***This ARC copy was given from Netgalley and its publishers in exchange for an honest review.
  • A Perfect Addition To the Cedar Ridge Series

    By coffeegoddesstmk
    "I've never seen you look at anyone like that before...You look at her like she's..." He slid her a look. "What?" "Like she's a double-fudge brownie, warm from the oven." "You're wrong." He wasn't looking at her like she was a double-fudge brownie. She was more important than dessert. She was a main course, the base of the food chain. And hell. He hadn't seen her coming. I know that picking up a book by Jill Shalvis is like a cure for whatever is ailing me. Writing books that are funny, sweet, steamy, and with just the right number of serious moments, Jill creates stories and characters that make it easy to lose yourself in them and emerge having really enjoyed yourself. I don't think that there is a man in any of her books that I haven't adored, but Jacob Kincaid is just, wow. The son of a philandering father with a penchant for making babies far and yon, Jacob and his twin brother, Hud, were blessed to have been welcomed into the patchwork Kincaid family. But Jacob never felt as though he belonged, and was bound and determined to escape their home in Cedar Ridge, CO, as soon as he was able. That decision cost him his family for nine long years, but, now that he's back, he's doing all that he can to mend fences and hearts, and create a home for himself with the people that he loves the most. When Jacob makes the acquaintance of Sophie Marren, he has no idea that his world is about to be rocked, in every possible way. Sophie is a firecracker, and a survivor. Recently unencumbered of her lout of an ex-husband, she's trying to make a new life in her adopted home of Cedar Ridge. Granted, living on a boat that she hates just to infuriate said ex may not be the usual way to get started, but it does have the advantage of a) making her ex crazy, and b) catching the eye of one Jacob Kincaid. Jacob has been through a tough nine years, and is really looking for a new start and a soft place to land. He's used to guarding his heart, but, from the moment he lays eyes on Sophie, the walls begin to crack. And, Sophie, burned by love from way back, doesn't want anything to do with love. Sure, Jacob lights her up like nobody's business, but that's as far as it goes. Until, like most best laid plans, lines begin to blur, and feelings come into play, and, well, love does what it does. I loved the relationship between Jacob and Sophie. The stars were absolutely aligning to bring the both of them just what they needed: each other. For all of that neither of them were looking for anything emotional or long-lasting, the spark between the two of them was instantaneous and explosive. "How do you know how hungry I am?" The words-not to mention his voice-gave her a shiver in the very best kind of way. "How hungry are you?" she heard herself whisper. He let five solid beats go by, during which time he just looked at her. "Frighteningly hungry," he finally said. Another woman promptly ran her cart into Sophie's. "Oh, sorry!" the woman gasped, face red as she hurried off. "You're making quite an impression," Sophie managed dryly. He shook his head like he disagreed and stepped closer to her, right inside her own personal little space bubble. Now she was in his orbit and in danger of being sucked in and going up in flames. Fight it as they might, these two are the proverbial moths to the flame for each other, and watching them work that out is fun, humorous, and downright steamy. Because, Jill Shalvis can write the darned sexy time like nobody's business, and the scenes between Jacob and Sophie should come with a spontaneous combustion warning. Beyond being a love story, NOBODY BUT YOU is another of Jill's trademark stories revolving around a cast of characters that we've come to know and love, set in a place that we'd all like to call home. I really enjoy the small-town dynamic and close-knit feeling of the Cedar Ridge stories, and the relationship between all of the members of the Kincaid family, because, let me tell you, they are some characters. But what shines forth the most is the love that they have for each other, and the way that, at the end, they have each others' backs completely. Watching Jacob and Sophie discover this, and find their own places, both in Cedar Ridge, and together, makes this another 5-star read for me. If you haven't read this series, you're missing out. Do yourself a favor, and add them to your TBR.
  • Swoon worthy!

    By gagal88
    Jill Shalvis has totally done it again. I feel head of heals for Jacob. Just amazing story about two souls that clicked like a puzzle, perfect fit. I loved Sophia's stubborn side and Jacob's warmth. A story that captured everyone of my emotions. A REQUIRED read for anyone who is hopelessly devoted to finding the perfect love story. Recommending this to everyone! Thank you Jill!!!
  • Nobody But You is Amazing

    By caitezmom
    An AWESOME addition to the Shalvis Series I cannot begin to explain how excited I was to read this book. I read a lot of books (mostly romances) and Jill Shalvis is an author I follow on Amazon and Facebook. She is one of my favorites and she never lets me down. I didn't think anything could top My Kind of Wonderful. I had read Hud and Bailey's book 3 times now. I have to say Nobody But You Did it! I felt so many emotions while reading this book. I laughed, cried and really enjoyed the hot hot sex moments. I loved the tender moments too. Jacob and Sophie both had so much to work through but they did it with honesty and communication. I love the family connection the siblings have and understand how it was hard for Hud to welcome Jacob back with open arms. LOVE LOVE LOVE the "gag" between the brothers is still going strong. That part made me laugh in every book. This is a standalone but I would insist you get Second Chance Summer and My Kind of Wonderful because they are so amazing and you see how close a family they really are. I give this a 5 star review and I cannot wait for her next book. Thank you to Jill Shalvis for always providing such great family stories. Please keep them coming.