The Ultimate 7 Steps to Awaken Your Alpha Male: How to Conquer Negative Thinking, Become Fearless, Master Confidence, Improve Your Life, Follow Your Passion and Attract Women - Keith Braxton

The Ultimate 7 Steps to Awaken Your Alpha Male: How to Conquer Negative Thinking, Become Fearless, Master Confidence, Improve Your Life, Follow Your Passion and Attract Women

By Keith Braxton

  • Release Date: 2015-07-21
  • Genre: Self-Improvement
Score: 4.5
From 2,770 Ratings


It’s Time to Unleash the Alpha Male Within You!

By the end of this book, I expect you to be able to hold your head up high, laugh at your own fears, embrace your passions, find your desired personality, approach women with full confidence and be the most awesome alpha male out there!

If you really want to know how to be a true alpha male, you have to BECOME one, and not PRETEND to be one by trying to do a list of the “dos and don’ts.” This e-book will help you to become a true alpha male from the inside out. Yes, it starts from the inside out, NOT the other way around. You can’t fake it. Faking it is equivalent to lying about who you are.

Believe it or not, you are ALREADY an alpha male, and always have been. All you have to do is to uncover your true nature – your true, authentic, alpha male self!

But how do you do that? Where do you even start? What are different practices you can implement NOW? Don't worry! All these questions and more will be answered in the book.

If you’d like to uncover your true nature, and get back to who you really are, then you will definitely find this book to be invaluable. Not only will it help you to uncover who you really are, but also, it will give you tools and techniques that many other books lack in order to conquer the most difficult obstacles that are stopping you from being the ultimate alpha male; namely, negative thoughts and beliefs. All your life you have been programmed to fail, but that doesn’t mean this mental attitude can’t be undone. This book will help to strip away all of the negativity so that you can be your true self, your alpha male self.

What can you expect to learn? How does this book benefit you?

In this jam-packed book, you will learn 7 steps to become a true alpha male. In it, you will discover:

Secrets of the universe
Who you really are and how to embrace your true selfHow to Become Ultra Confident and handle any situationHow to push yourself and develop a leader mentalityHow to trust your gut instinct for instant alpha male decision makingHow to know when to take inspired actionHow to follow your passion and create a great lifeWhy it is so important for you to get your life together firstHow to attract any woman and have them chasing after you!A very new technique almost guaranteed to give you instant confidence
Read this Book and Uncover Your Powerful, Alpha Male Self Today!

Our goal in this book is to ultimately focus on yourself and your life. After you do so, THEN you will reap all of the rewards. Don't desire to become an alpha male because you will get to have your dream house, your dream car, or your dream girl. Desire to become an alpha male because of WHO you will become along the way – because of the man that you will become.  When you fully step into who you really are, then all your wishes in life will all become a natural by-product of what happens when you BECOME your true alpha male self.

You already have the alpha male inside of you, NOW it’s time to UNLEASH it!


  • 100% Facts

    By fgooknbb
    Another Great read who would have known that this would speak volumes to me at this current moment of my life 10/10 highly recommended
  • Alpha

    By Dez Turnee
    Awesome book, very detailed on how to become an authentic alpha
  • Glad this book was free…

    By Music for the nations!!!
    After wasting a portion of my morning reading through this book, all I was really left to contemplate was how much $$$ was spent for all the 5-star reviews it has received. Start to finish, this book is total rubbish. Might explain why anything of substance about the author is virtually impossible to find on Google, or anywhere else for that matter. In short, do yourself a favor and go purchase a book that actually has some substance to it!
  • *Dies*

    By Solangeloisthebest
    Cringey as fūck bro, whyyyy. only 5 stars so it can be seen
  • Girl bffr

    By E.Jay.
    Made me giggle.
  • Terrible Book

    By Anon Reaxsd
    I could only make it 62% through this book, but I can tell the idea of it already. First off the vernacular the author is using isn’t professional sounding at all. Often using cringe statements to hype up the reader which ultimately leave me feeling uncomfortable and not hyped in the slightest. Grammatical errors are there as well and he also has a multiple sentences that just kill the flow of the page. At one point when describing a bad day (in two drawn out paragraphs by the way. Could’ve easily just been a sentence or two) he just says “Murphy’s Law, yeah?” Like as if we are just two pals talking about this. I found that sort of language counterintuitive to the idea he was trying to get across. Additionally he makes points that are founded in truths but then throws in his “Alpha Male” into the fray and now it sounds off. Such as him saying a man who takes care of his family is an alpha male and then later in the book say to make decisions and not to worry if they’re wrong. Don’t let wrong decisions sway you from being an “Alpha” male leader. Well, if you’re going to be the head of your household I would hope you’d be tactful and decisive with your decisions and not act like your Deadpool just doing whatever feels right in the moment. Good grounded advice and then later in the book just flips on it. Or just plain bad advice followed up with a weird note. He says to listen to nobody, say no if u don’t wanna do something and yes if u do wanna do it. Then he says “unless it’s your boss,” and again that just kills the flow of the book and undermines your point. Of course you need to listen to authority, just be vocal about how you feel when you wanna do something or not do something with friends. The author made this sound so strange with his syntax. There’s so much more to be said but I don’t wanna be as long winded as this author is here. He really was pushing hard to make this book as long as it was. Basically, this book is written like a high schoolers conversation. I’d advise you only read this book if you enjoy a good laugh at the ridiculousness of it. I hope everyone would tread lightly for searching for solid advice from this book. God Bless and thank you for reading my review.
  • Not going to read but

    By SoulVictoria
    An alpha male is someone that can control other men and make them bow down to him and respect him, not someone who controls women.
  • Great Read!

    By 8fade7
    Creative ways to think about life and improving yourself one step at a time. Really does set a foudation to start from.
  • Pfft

    By Andrew the Japanese Student
  • Juvenile at best

    By Scholastic Shark
    This read like a teenager doing a book report on his dad’s men’s magazine. Reckless, impulsive, undisciplined behavior presented bordering on chauvinistic narcissism. The only redeeming quality is that this was a short read.