Bible Stories for Children - Old Testament - Peter Pesat

Bible Stories for Children - Old Testament

By Peter Pesat

  • Release Date: 2015-08-03
  • Genre: Bibles
Score: 4.5
From 111 Ratings


The Bible can be hard for kids to understand, but it’s important for them to hear the word of God starting at a young age. This Bible book will capture their attention, and teach them about the Bible, all in a way that they can easily understand. 
In this Bible book kids will find 110 pages and 53 stories. This is perfect way to teach children what the Bible says, in a simple, easy to understand way. It’s perfect to read in Sunday school classes, youth group meetings, with your own children at bedtime, as a morning devotional, or any time of day! 
There’s never a wrong time to teach your children about the Lord.


  • Bible stories

    By baird16
    I felt it was very well done for children.
  • What a wonderful illustrations

    By Benjamin D. Wong
    The Bible Stories for Children is a beautiful book to use with your younger kids on a daily basis. It is wonderful to read in order, and it really keeps the attention of the children kids can understand and remember. Each chapter is only several paragraphs long which make it easy to read in a short amount of time before bed. The pictures are realistic and will stay in a child's mind helping them remember the account and the lesson from it. This book is great for a kids Bible until they can read.
  • One of the best Bible books for little ones!

    By James Taylor, Jr.
    Our family uses it right now and all of our kids, (2, 4, & 6), anticipate their grandparents reading to them from this classic and timeless resource. As others have stated the illustrations in this children's Bible are very well done. Also the wording is done in a way so as to be easy for children to understand and yet doesn't take anything away from the actual meaning, which is important. Each pages open to fully illustrate main events and lessons in the Bible. I'll definitely purchase more as gift for my nieces and nephews.
  • I can highly recommend this well made Bible

    By Robert C. Brown
    Our family (we have 8 children) has read a number of Bible books. This one stands out to us as THE BEST. I am impressed with this Bible Stories for Children and the amazing illustration. Text is easy to read and the pictures are beautiful. My daughter wants to read it so much. It is clearly written so that even the younger ones can follow well. Also, it is written in an interesting manner that the children always want more. A sign of a real winner! With the stories being so short there is always time to read at least one. Highly recommend it!
  • What a nice illustrations... I've not seen such a quality i e-books

    By Deborah A. Macon
    Beautiful illustration and easy for children to understand, the stories aren't all that long, but otherwise we've been very impressed with this book! Our 3 yr old son (when we started reading Bible Stories for Children) loved it too. It tells all the well known stories in an easy format and the language is specially graded to encourage children to read for themselves. This is the first book I searched for to add to the baby registry. Children are interested as early as 3-4 and remain interested through 10-12. It is outstanding. This is a great children’s Bible with really nice images.
  • Excellent Bible for kids

    By Dave Rezniczek
    Book is easy to understand, and goes into the Bible stories chronologically with beautifull pictures. Writing is easy to read and easy to understand for little ones. I can highly reccomend this e-book.