The Brindavan Chronicle - John Thompson

The Brindavan Chronicle

By John Thompson

  • Release Date: 2015-06-30
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers


In a remote valley in the Devonshire hills lies a peaceful haven - a monastic refuge of peace and tranquillity. Led by the charismatic guru Govinda, Brindavan seems to offer a perfect opportunity for those looking for spiritual enlightenment, as well as a temporary respite for those seeking to escape the cares of the outside world. Brindavan. A place of sanctuary. A Godly place. Anthony - world weary and disillusioned seeks just what Brindavan offers. Sheila has no inclination towards a monastic life but, compelled to abandon her studies due to an unplanned pregnancy, is offered sanctuary by Govinda. Dr. Chaudhury, a devout Hindu, seeks the gurus spiritual intercession in an endeavour to resolve the very different problems posed by his daughters. All of them believe that Govinda has the answers - but are they right? Is Govinda all that they believe him to be? And what will be the price that he demands?