Avengers World Vol. 4 - Sam Humphries & Frank Barbiere

Avengers World Vol. 4

By Sam Humphries & Frank Barbiere

  • Release Date: 2015-08-19
  • Genre: Graphic Novels


The Avengers, Illuminati and Cabal have been battling to save their world while reality dies and time runs out around them ó but how did things get the way they are? Find out here, as the answers youíve been waiting for are revealed! Cannonball and Smasher face their greatest adventure yet: parenthood! But can the new parents survive an encounter with the Shiíar Imperial Guard? Sunspot takes on A.I.M. in the Savage Land as Starbrand and Nightmask face a surprising enemy, and Thor and Hyperion are unleashed! The Avengers fall as the Cabal rises ó and no world is safe as the march to the end times begins! Plus: Starbrand is losing his grip on his humanity! Can Nightmask bring him back to Earth? And can he stand against the cosmic fire of Kolobus? Collecting AVENGERS (2012) #34.2 and AVENGERS WORLD #17-21.