Fair Weather (Bookburners Season 1 Episode 3) - Margaret Dunlap, Max Gladstone, Brian Francis Slattery & Mur Lafferty

Fair Weather (Bookburners Season 1 Episode 3)

By Margaret Dunlap, Max Gladstone, Brian Francis Slattery & Mur Lafferty

  • Release Date: 2015-09-23
  • Genre: Fantasy


Little is at it seems on the high seas when a magical book wreaks havoc on a luxury yacht.

The Team saves on flight costs as the newest mystery happens around the corner. A tip from a local antiquarian doesn’t make it to the Team in time and they are left with a once-bookstore-now-rubble-pile, a missing magical tome, and very few clues beyond a helpful tour guide (one might even say too helpful . . .). Tracking the missing book to a luxury yacht, the Team gets less of the high-end boating experience and more of the demon-on-the-loose nightmare. All aboard the Fair Weather; but no smooth sailing ahead.

This episode is brought to you by team-writer Margaret Dunlap and introduces readers (and our heroine) to not only the true dangers of Bookburning, but to mysterious secrets even cloudier than the Societas Librium Occultorum.  

"Bookburners is sheer enormous fun! Energetic, intense, vivid prose. More soon please."

--Naomi Novik, author of Uprooted and the New York Times bestselling Temeraire series

"Bookburners is the breathless, hallucinogenic love child of Torchwood, the Librarians, and the Laundry Files.  More soon, please."

--Ian Tregillis, author of The Mechanical and Bitter Seeds

"Bookburners is an exciting new take on urban fantasy. Love the premise, love the characters, love the unique (and sometimes wonderfully disturbing) spin on the dangers of magic!"

--Cassandra Rose Clarke, author of The Assassins Curse

"Bookburners has everything I want from episodic storytelling - strong writing, a rich premise, and memorable characters that will keep me coming back week after week." 

--Mike Underwood, author of the Ree Reyes Geekomancy series

"Bookburners satisfies my craving for pulpy, demonic chaos with sharp writing, deliciously sinister magic, stellar black humor, and a kick-ass cast. The serialized story perfectly suits a sorcerer’s codex of baddies while the plucky Sal digs for deeper truths in her work with the Black Archives squad."

--Lindsay Smith, author of the Sekret Series