Batman Arkham: Two-Face - Dennis O'Neil, Bill Finger, Bob Kane & Neal Adams

Batman Arkham: Two-Face

By Dennis O'Neil, Bill Finger, Bob Kane & Neal Adams

  • Release Date: 2015-11-10
  • Genre: Comics & Graphic Novels


An unprecedented anthology of the greatest Two-Face stories ever told. He was Harvey Dent, Gotham City�s crusading district attorney and one of the Batman�s closest allies, until an act of vengeance changed everything. With the left side of his face horribly deformed, Dent�s mind shattered. One half of his personality remained the law-abiding D.A., the other became a crazed, murderous villain who calls himself Two-Face! Scarring one side of his �lucky� two-headed silver dollar, the criminal allows the coin to choose his actions-good or evil, there is nothing else. BATMAN ARKHAM: TWO-FACE collects work by some of the industry's greatest creators, including Peter Tomasi (BATMAN AND ROBIN), Curt Swan (SUPERMAN), Denny O�Neil (BATMAN), Bill Finger (DETECTIVE COMICS), Scott McDaniel (THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD), Guillem March (GOTHAM CITY SIRENS) and many more! Includes DETECTIVE COMICS #66, #68, #80, #513, #563, #564; BATMAN #234, #346, #397-98, #410, #411; BATMAN AND ROBIN #23.1; WORLD�S FINEST #173; BATMAN TWO-FACE #1; JOKER�S ASYLUM TWO-FACE #1; BATMAN CHRONICLES #8.