Love: Expressed - Tristan Sherwin

Love: Expressed

By Tristan Sherwin

  • Release Date: 2015-10-23
  • Genre: Christianity


You may be looking at the back of this book, watching as someone else is reading ita book entitled: Love: Expressed. And youre thinking, They must have issues. So to help them out for a moment:

This isnt another one of those self-help manuals.

This isnt a book about romance and sex, or feelings and cuddles.

This isnt a guidebook offering relationship advice, giving tips on how to find love and look after it.

In those senses, this isnt even a book about love.

Its a book about lifeevery part of it. About how it should be lived, how it should be explored, how it should be expressed. This is a book about meaning, about lifes trajectories. Its about God. Its about you. Its about them.

In that sense, this is all about love. But if I could capture here what I mean by love in that sense, I wouldnt have needed to write a book.

Tristan Sherwin has written a smart and beautiful book showing us that Jesus Christ is the love of God expressed as a human life. This is the life we are called to imitate; this life of love is what we are made for.

Brian Zahnd; Author of A Farewell To Mars

Refreshing, authentic, inspiring, and yet practicalTristan is a breath of fresh air.

Jeff Lucas; Author, Speaker, Broadcaster

Love: Expressed is a work of dirt-under-your-fingers spirituality.

Jonathan Martin; Author of Prototype