Herbs for Health: Growing Herbs for Natural Cures - Dueep Jyot Singh

Herbs for Health: Growing Herbs for Natural Cures

By Dueep Jyot Singh

  • Release Date: 2015-11-01
  • Genre: Gardening


Table of Contents

Tips While Planning a Herb Garden
Eczema and Skin Diseases
Basil Tea
Hemorrhaging and Piles
Getting Rid of Warts and Black Moles
Summer related Ailments
Urinary Infections
Pneumonia and chest infections
Summer Related Fevers
“Elixir of Youth”
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It must have been millenniums ago when Ug, the Neanderthal noticed that his roasted and burned piece of mastodon tasted better, when it was eaten with wild leaves gathered from outside his cave door. With lots of trial and error, especially with plenty of possible poisonings and stomachaches, he finally got to understand that many of these plants, their leaves, their seeds, and their fruit were delicious and complemented the food that he ate.

They were also good healers, and a paste of them ground together with water or milk could be applied on Ug’s scratches and wounds, when he came home injured from arguments with other Neanderthal tribes or through hunting saber – tooths.

In medieval times, any household without an Herb garden spoke about a careless housewife. Each housewife was proud to have her own herbal lore, given to her by her female ancestors, with which she used to keep her family healthy, add to their home cooked fare and kept her busy.

Wise women since ancient times were known for the extent of their Herb gardens and their medical lore. However, in medieval times, when ignorance was rampant, anybody could get rid of her enemies by just denouncing her as a witch. I read a medieval historical, in which the pretty heroine was troubled by a jealous woman in the village, who used to go off into supposedly hysterical fits, whenever she saw her, forming in the mouth and calling her a witch. This is of course a case of jealousy, melodramatic propensities, and plenty of ham acting. Nevertheless, those were the days when people went to these wise women for herbal cures for their aches and pains, and the moment they got well, they hung them at the stake or drown them in the pond, because these good women were supposedly devil worshipers, working black magic in order to heal the ailments of mankind, which were supposedly the natural human lot.

Luckily, in the 21st century, we can build our herb gardens without impunity, and not worry about someone wrecking our herb garden, out of sheer mischief or malice, shouting, black magic, witchcraft, and bubbling at the mouth all the while.

You can make an Herb garden outdoors in the wide-open spaces, or you can plant it in boxes. Sunny and airy windowsills are also excellent for growing herbs. Even a small herb border is going to prove very useful to all housewives and cooks. Not only is it going to be possible for you to get herbs for such well-known purposes as sauces and stuffing, but the addition of a few well-chosen leaves of herbs can alter and improve the taste of all the dishes you make.