Daughters of the Bride - Susan Mallery

Daughters of the Bride

By Susan Mallery

  • Release Date: 2016-07-12
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 154 Ratings


With Joy, Love and a Little Trepidation, Courtney, Sienna and Rachel Invite You to the Most Emotional Wedding of the Year… Their Mother's 


~ The Misfit ~ 

As the awkward one, Courtney Watson may not be as together as her sisters, but she excels at one thing—keeping secrets, including her white-hot affair with a sexy music producer. Planning Mom's wedding exposes her startling hidden life, changing her family's view of her—and how she views herself—forever. 


~ The Free Spirit ~ 

When Sienna's boyfriend proposes—in front of her mom and sisters, for crying out loud—he takes her by surprise. She already has two broken engagements under her belt. Should she say "I do" even if she's not sure she does? 


~ The Cynic ~ 

Rachel thought love would last forever…right up until her divorce. As Mom's wedding day draws near and her ex begs for a second chance, she's forced to acknowledge some uncomfortable truths about why her marriage failed, and decide if she'll let pride stand in the way of her own happily-ever-after.


  • Road to Wedding Full of Emotions

    By SCBleo
    Being involved in a family celebration, like a wedding, can be a daunting task. Emotions clearly lead some divisive, some joyful, some exhausting; but at the end, you hope to have been apart of a special event that will lead to lasting memories. In Susan Mallery’s new book, “Daughters of the Bride”, we get to join the planning process of this very decorative, one-of-kind, wedding leading to the big event. We meet the bride, Maggie, and her 3 adult daughters, Rachel, Sienna, and Courtney, who each are dealing with their interpretations of love, fear, their past and the possibilities for their future. Add some strong males who can handle these ladies, plus some great friends and you have the makings of a wonderful story. The pages flow with each event setting the pace for the growth of each character, from engagement to cake tasting, to LA party to wedding day disasters. In the end, it’s the beauty of truly understanding yourself and the value of family that shines. Longer than previous books, this first time hardcover, is a delight to read and as a Susan Mallery fan, I eagerly await more stories like this one. “Daughters of the Bride” is perfect for all, regardless of whether a guest or planning a wedding, you too will relish in the pre-event adventures.
  • Here comes another read read!!!

    By Kathleen Nichols
    ***I was given an ARC copy of this book for a true and honest review*** I've long been a Susan Mallery fan, her Fool's Gold series was the first thing I read from her. Everything that Ms. Mallery writes is well written, laid out, and well developed. I had some preconceptions before reading this book about some hearts and flowers a beautiful bride and her lovely daughters - this story is that but so much more. Maggie is getting her dream wedding after years of being alone. She and her daughters are gathered around her for this auspicious occasion. Not everything is hearts and flowers because when your all together with your family that's always the potential for drama. Maggie's three daughters are Rachel, Sienna, and Courtney. They each bring their pwn emotional baggage with them. Rachel is a struggling divorced mother of a teenage son, Sienna is the flighty perennial fianee, and there's Courtney the youngest whom no one bothers overly with and who no is expecting anything remarkable from her. Having come toghter emotions are running high for everyone. This story is about love of family, inner strength, and giving those in our lives second chances. I really emjopyed the book but flet that the tempo of the story was a little slow. Flipping between characters got to be a little confusing from time to time. Each daughters story could definitely been expan ded on or made into another book dealing especially with them their issues and relationships. Always Ms. Mallery has delivered another excellent book that engtages you, makes you laugh, and tugs at your heart.
  • emotion, passion, and laughter in every chapter

    By chell u
    "Daughters of the Bride" is not just a book about a wedding, but a book about love, family, and the past and present. Susan Mallery delivers again with emotion, passion, and laughter, through every chapter. It is a feel good read. This is a stand alone book, but after the last page I wish there was a follow up book to follow each sister and their relationship. Maybe on the horizon? The book kept my attention and i did not want to put it down. I finished the book last night, and went as slow as i possibly could, so it would not end. Alas all good things must come to an end. I think i have a book hangover?
  • Daughters of the Bride

    By Mblteach
    I received an ARC for an honest review. Helping their mom have her second chance at love and marriage after 24 years in planning her wedding have her 3 daughters thinking about their lives and love life. One is divorced because her husband cheated on her, another has been engaged a couple of times and her current fiancée she doesn't seem to excited about, and the third daughter keeps secrets and doesn't want her family to know certain things until she is ready to share. I enjoyed reading this book and would love to read more in-depth stories on Courtney, Sienna, and Rachel as they work on getting a HEA like their mom.
  • A tale of family, love, life, first love and second chances

    By Rybecbensmom
    A tale of family, love and life Daughters of the Bride tells the story of 3 daughters and their mother as they prepare for Mom's wedding. Each of these women have emotional scars in the aftermath of the early death of their father/husband and this story shows how they start to heal those scars as they deal with second chances and first love. Each woman has part of the story line but Courtney's story seemed to pop out more to me. As close as the family is I was surprised she was able to keep her secret. I felt bad for her when Joyce spilled the beans and I loved how Quinn interacted with her. If you feel a story has to have a bad guy it would have to be David, he just annoyed me (as did his mother). I like to read a lot but not every story leaves me with a happy, contented feeling by the ending-this book did.
  • One of Mallery's Best!!!

    By Sarah tobin
    Daughters of the Bride is the story of three daughters, Courtney, Sienna, and Rachel, as they prepare for their mothers upcoming wedding. As they help their mother prepare for the happiest day of her life, they are all dealing with their own romantic issues. Mallery's story telling is bright, smart and funny and you really feel like a member of the family. Will all four of the woman discover love and do what they need in order to hold on to it? This is one of Susan Mallery's best books yet, I couldn't put this one down and wanted to start over once I had finished. I highly recommend this book, a perfect beach read.
  • Keeper shelf read

    By TR / Blonde Betty
    Susan Mallery’s latest, Daughters of the Bride, is one of those books that is very, very hard to put down. Written in the style of her women’s fiction titles, Mallery’s fondness for threes is well in evidence: there are three heroines / sisters that make up the bulk of the story. It also includes one of my all-time favorite secondary characters: Quinn from The Girls of Mischief Bay. I loved the bad-boy music producer from the moment he stepped on the page and I was thrilled to see him get his HEA; though I do wish his heroine had been a bit older. I love older heroes and having a 20-something heroine is fun, but I really do like my 40-something heroes to have at least 30-something heroines. The underlying theme of the entire book is learning how to be brave and trust yourself. We all need a reminder of how to do that on occasion and this book is the perfect vehicle. I hope Mallery decides to return to Los Lobos at some point, there are some wonderful secondary characters I’d love to see more of. As with all Mallery’s novels, the secondary characters are as much fun as the POV ones. There are some that are definitely hero / heroine material, as well as those that are just plain fun. I never like to pick a favorite, but this is definitely a keeper shelf entry for me. Copy received from the author in exchange for an honest review.
  • Simply Fantastic!!

    By AngieMac4398
    I'll say up front that I don't read many women's fiction. It's just not my normal reading preference. BUT, I read anything and everything by Susan Mallery. She's one of my favorite auto-buy authors. And so I went into this book with high hopes because of the author and yet a bit of nervousness because of the genre. I needn't have worried a bit. This is SUSAN after all!! She's very well known for her Fool's Gold and Mischief Bay series, which are fantastic if you haven't read them. If you love family drama, you will LOVE this book!! I won't go into rewriting the blurb--others have done that quite effectively. I will tell you what I liked. I loved that there were three separate, yet entwined, stories in this book. I LOVED Courtney!! She's so adorable, I'd swear we'd be friends and I'd defend her against all the crap she's taken. I just wanted to hug her and make it all better. But Quinn did that so well. ;) There were quite a few times I wanted to smack MomBridezilla over the head. I could see myself at various times in each of the characters, so that was a lot of fun and very eye opening at times. Each character had secrets and personal dilemmas and insecurities that you could relate to. There were times I alternated between wanting to sit them down for a good talking to and wanting to give them a hug. I'm sure folks have felt the same way about me through the years! LOL. I really had so much fun with this book. I laughed at the witty banter and wished I had that kind of quick response when something happened. I hurt for the characters and I cheered for them. I wished Sienna had more time at the end with her relationship. (Maybe it was because I was hoping there would be another book with her story. LOL) Each of the women grow and learn about themselves and others. I really, really loved it.
  • Beautiful book from start to finish

    By DaneWeimMama
    This book is a knockout from the first moment you see it...... the cover is one of the prettiest book covers I've ever seen. The story inside is no less wonderful...... Susan Mallery is a master at capturing the voice of women everywhere & bringing her characters to life. This book is full of witty dialogue, beautiful relationships, & just a lot of fun. It is fascinating to watch the stories of the 3 sisters, the mother, & the hotelier that helped them out years ago & see what opening themselves up to love brings about. Book provided by the author in exchange for an honest review
  • Loved it!!

    By SBart79
    An awesome read that I could not put down. Susan Mallery's debut hardcover is sure to make a big hit. From the cover to every page is a treasure. The Daughters of Bride deals with three adult sisters, as they are planning their mom's second wedding. Their Mom wanted everything to be perfect, since she didn't get to plan her first wedding. Courtney, Sienna and Rachel, are all so different. They are all harboring their own secrets and trying to find their true love. I was so excited that Gracie, got a cameo in this book as the cake baker. She was from the book Falling For Gracie, this book hold a special place in my heart. My first Susan Mallery book, that got me hooked!! My favorite line from the book, "It's about secrets, we all have them. They make us feel safe. They get us through." I highly recommend you pick up this book, it will definitely be on my reread shelf.