The Tycoon's Forced Bride - Jane Porter

The Tycoon's Forced Bride

By Jane Porter

  • Release Date: 2016-01-28
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 16 Ratings


Malcolm McKenzie will never forget that night in New York when he put Ava Galvan in a taxi following a heated argument, and the Argentine beauty was involved in an horrific accident—one that ended her career as an acclaimed soloist with the Manhattan Ballet, and impaired her memory and ability to live an independent life.

The Scottish tycoon and philanthropist lives with his guilt, and another consequence:  Ava was pregnant with his child the night of the accident.  Ever since that night, Malcom has raised Jack as a single father.

But Ava is stronger now, and Jack wants his mommy to come home.  Malcolm has never stopped wanting her and he’s determined to do whatever it takes to claim Ava—with or without her consent.


  • Love!

    By Bosslady_66
    I was really happy with this book. It's a novella, so I didn't expect much on character depth and development, so I was pleasantly surprised to find that Jane Porter did an excellent job on characters that I cared about and was cheering for. Great read!
  • Hard to put down

    By kerryacroucier
    Ava Galvan worked hard for her success in life. In one instant it all changed. Malcolm Makenzie can't forget the argument they had just before he sent Ava home in a taxi, only to receive a call form the hospital that she was clinging to life after an accident...and, she was also pregnant. Their son was born healthy, but her injuries left her in pain, unable to dance, and with a brain injury that affected her short-term memory. After spending time together to make it work, one mistake sends Ava back to New York to try and reclaim her life. Malcolm lets her think he has let her go, while arranging for her job, apartment, and driver to keep an eye on her. Now Jack wants his mother back, and Malcolm wants his wife back, despite her not remembering their wedding day. Ava is stronger, but still doesn't feel she should be in her son's life, not when she can't remember things that happened from one day to the next without her notebook. Malcolm convinces her to take a vacation with him, and sets out to prove she can be a wife and mother. Malcolm made mistakes with Ava, and Ava had so much to overcome, but when they took it one day at a time, they started to sort through the things that kept them apart, Ava started to believe in a future that includes her family. I loved the characters and how they were developed. My heart broke over and over for Ava and all she lost after her accident. The more time we spent with Malcolm, the more human he became and the more I understood him. This was a novella, and a quick read, easy to get into, and hard to put down until I was done. The story was well-written and I enjoyed it. **I received an Advanced Reader's Copy via NetGalley from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.***
  • Emotional, Heartbreaking, and Heartwarming Story

    By BookSnuggle
    "The Tycoon's Forced Bride" by Jane Porter is the story of Malcolm McKenzie and Ava Galvan. Ava is recovering from a life threatening wreck that happened three years ago. She has memory loss and struggles with walking and balance from this accident. The accident caused her to lose her job as an acclaimed ballerina and has also lost her independence. Malcolm has lots of guilt about the night of the accident. Ava was pregnant with his child which he has raised as a single father. Ava is improving, but Malcolm is ready to have his family together. He will do whatever he needs to do to get her back. This was a short read, but wow, it was not missing anything. I loved the things that Malcolm did in order to show Ava his love and to help her to remember the good times they have each day. This is an emotional, heartbreaking, and heartwarming romance. The author pulls the reader in where you feel the characters pain and happiness. The intimate scenes were intense and sensual. I really enjoyed Malcolm and Ava's story. I look forward reading other books by Jane Porter. I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and Tule Publishing for an honest review. FYI, contains mature content.
  • Loved it!!

    By SBart79
    A quick story that I could not put down. How your life changes in an instant. Ava had a wonderful life as a ballerina and great love life with Malcolm, an argument will change everything in an instant. Ava now has a short term memory deficit, and now Malcolm will fight for his love to Ava. This is a novella but is packed full of an emotional story and plenty of romance. I highly recommend this book!! I received this book from netgalley for an honest reveiw. Plus as an added bonus you get, Take Me, Cowboy. Copper Mountain Rodeo that takes place in Marietta, Montana. Who can resist a cowboy story.
  • Emotionally charged story

    By momof3boysj
    Beautiful story of two broken people trying to fight the past, forge a future, and must face the demons inside to allow the love they have for each other to be fully revealed. This is an emotionally charged story you won't want to put down. Fierce, love, forgiveness.
  • Looking out for family

    By Cowboys fan 65
    Malcolm McKenzie has been taking care of his son and his wife Ava after her accident.Ava thinks she got her job,home by herself but when he shows up to check on her after her drive lets Malcolm know she is not getting around good.When he ask her to go away with him for a weekend she finds out he has been taking care of her but she still does not know they are married . Ava has always loved him but thinks Malcolm does not love her and then after she forgot their son in a mall she does not trust herself to around him .When she see's that Malcolm loves her and that her son has not forgot her she finds the place she wants to be with her family.
  • Moving on

    By kristylof
    Malcolm and Ava were once very close until a tragic accident almost took her life. Three years later Malcolm is convinced that it's time for Ava to return to being a wife and mother. Meanwhile Ava thinks its best not to be a part of her son's life after an incident over a year ago. I loved this book from the beginning, with main characters who were flawed but lovable. This story really drew me in from the beginning with the details and emotion. You cant go wrong with this book.