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Summary of The 48 Laws of Power

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Summary of The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene | Includes Analysis
The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene is a self-help book offering advice on how to gain and maintain power, using lessons drawn from parables and the experiences of historical figures.
Power depends on the relationships between a person and those he or she seeks to control. Powerful people must cultivate their appearances to earn respect and eliminate doubt. They must practice selective honesty, misdirection, and an excess of secrecy to gain a tactical advantage. Timing is central to maintaining power, as is the ability to adapt. The array of strategies available when seeking power include mirroring the opponent’s actions and controlling the opponent’s options for action. The powerful must also cultivate a relationship with audiences by creating spectacles and feeding their need to believe in the impossible…
PLEASE NOTE: This is key takeaways and analysis of the book and NOT the original book.
Inside this Instaread Summary of The 48 Laws of Power:
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  • Facts are everything!

    By Johnnyboy2032
    Really full of facts, and really tell the story how it is. The laws of power are everywhere, and everywhere in the world as well. Facts are super important in developing a understanding.
  • Great guide!

    By Sherka47
    In an age when scandals and corruption taint politics and society, this isn’t a book I would recommend to my students, other than as a ‘how-not-to’ guide.
  • Amazing book!

    By Silentdarkness19
    For those who believe in total integrity, you are likely going to shake your head in disbelief as you read this book. You will definitely want to read this 31 page Instaread summary first before considering the 452 page original by Robert Greene! The original is a self help book on how to gain and maintain power. "They must practice selective honesty, misdirection and an excess of secrecy to gain a tactical advantage." The list of all the Important People goes back to the 1500s!