The Valentine - Denise Grover Swank

The Valentine

By Denise Grover Swank

  • Release Date: 2016-02-08
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 198 Ratings


*****A Short Story from the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Wedding Pact series*****

Blair Hansen-Lowry never thought that marriage would be enough to ensure a happily ever after—her career as a divorce attorney made sure of that. But she never expected her old insecurities to resurface only a few short months after she and Garrett said “I do.” When Garrett receives an irresistible offer that could pull them apart, Blair becomes convinced it’s only a matter of time before Garrett realizes he’s made a terrible mistake. 

Garrett Lowry knew what he was getting into when he married a strong, stubborn woman with a tendency to keep people at arm’s length—even him. He’s fully committed to her nonetheless, and will do what it takes to build a life together. But the harder Garrett tries to prove himself, the more distant Blair seems to grow. When, in the midst of an argument, she issues a particularly deep-stinging barb, he begins to wonder if Blair might actually be happier without him.

It all comes to a head on Valentine’s Day when Blair and Garrett must confront their fear that love may not be enough. These two have never celebrated Valentine’s Day the traditional way, but this year it could be the holiday that will determine their future. Will they fight for Cupid’s arrows or get mired in lovers’ quarrels?

The Wedding Pact and the Bachelor Brotherhood series:
The Wedding Pact
#1 The Substitute (Megan's story)
#2 The Player (Blair's story)
#3 The Gambler (Libby's story)
#4 The Valentine (Blair short story)

Bachelor Brotherhood
#1 Only You (Kevin's story)
#2 Until You (Tyler's story)
#3 Always You (Matt's story)


  • A Sweet Valentine Surprise

    By Hlgpooh
    This is a delightful short story focused around Blair and Garrett from the Wedding Pact series. Despite it's short length, it is still emotionally packed! I also loved learning more about Garrett's sister, Kelsey. This was such a fast, enjoyable read!
  • Valentine Surprise!!!

    By RuthieParrish
    What a fantastic early Valentine's Day gift from the great and wonderful Denise Grover Swank! Love, love, love, this story! Such a nice little taste into Blair and Garretts' marriage! Come on, we all knew Blair was going to have some adjustment issues! I think after this story, she's going to be less hard on our sweetheart Garrett! Some people just have to see how much they really love and need someone! That's our Blair! Snippets of stories to come, are peeking through the cracks throughout this book! We also get to hear a little about Blair's best friends pregnancies. Y'all know, we were all curious! I love this story, and the entire series! Denise Grover Swank hits all our feels with this one! I was frustrated, mad, scared, and heartbroken, and oh my goodness so in love all over again!! This is a must read!!
  • Awesome story!

    By Mikki_Rae
    This story is a great addition to The Wedding Pact series! I've loved the series since the the very first book, and I loved getting to know more about Blair and Garrett! This story is about their first Valentines day together after they get married. For such a short story, it packs a heck of a punch. We get to see a side of Blair that she's never exposed before, Garrett's sister Kelsey drops a bombshell on Garrett, and she needs her big brother and her new sister-in-law more than ever, and we get a hint at some kind of story for Blair's assistant Melissa. Denise sure know how to pack a ton of information into one short story. Can't wait for the next in the series!
  • Great short story

    By Blesan28
    Denise delivered a fantastic surprise short story to all of her readers. We had no clue it was coming! Such a great story to characters we have begun to love. Only issue is it is way too short. :)
  • I Love it!!!

    By Ej0726
    Such an amazing story! I love all of the books in this series and I can't wait for more! Denise is such an amazing author.
  • Amazing short story that leaves you wanting more!!

    By NikkiM613
    As always, Denise Grover Swank yet again delivers on a wonderful story. My main problem was that it ended far too soon. Regardless, I absolutely love being a fan of an author who loves to leave little surprises like this for her readers. This mini story is perfect. You get an inside look at Blair's marriage. Denise does a fantastic job at grasping emotions and taking a real look at relationships. Sometimes books or movies end in an unrealistic place where suddenly everything is perfect. In this story, Blair is faced with her insecurities and shows that despite finding her way back to her true love, those doubts will never exactly disappear. It's about confronting those issues and understanding that it takes time to heal. I also love the insight on both Melissa and Kelsey and can't wait to hear more about them in future books! This story will definitely hit you with emotions and make you want more! Can't wait until the new spinoff of the Wedding Pact comes out!
  • Loved it, loved it, loved it.

    By Flavious Finx
    Denise Grover Swank did it again! From the first page, I was drawn right back into Blair's world. It was great to be able to delve deeper into what makes Blair Blair. This book is packed with emotion, frustration, fear, and deep love. This is a great continuance of the Wedding Pact series, with small appearances by all our favorite characters. Don't miss out on this read!
  • After Happily Ever After

    By Tess425
    Loved this story! First off, Have you read the Wedding Pact series??? It's three book about three friends who made a pact to get married before they turned 30. A fortune teller told it would happen, but all three of them wouldn't marry the person they were engaged too. Crazy right!?! That leads to three very funny light hearted romance novels called: The Substitute,The Player,and The Gambler. They are must reads. Ok now this story! Blair, the star of book two "The Player". This is her after happily ever after story. Why? Because like so many of us, she needed a little more help letting "I love you forever" sink in. Check it out to see if she caught on! You're going to love it! Then check out the rest of Denise's books. She's an amazing writer.
  • What a treat!

    By SOldfather
    The Valentine was such a great treat from Denise Grover Swank! It was a quick read yet fast paced like the full length books. Visiting Blair, Garrett and a few other familiar characters reminded me how much I loved The Wedding Pact series. I thoroughly enjoyed this! Thank you Denise for this surprise novella and creating such wonderful stories!
  • Great surpise Valentine book!

    By 5sosdirectioner
    Denise works hard at keep us readers happy. She does it again with The valentine. Poor Blair. I really feel she worked hard at bringing her walls down in this book. I was a bit worried at the beginning of the book that she was going back to the old Blair. Glad to see the friendships are holding up with the girls and what a surprise Megan! I think pregnancy is agreeing with her. Garrett rushing home to fix everything broke my heart a little bit. He sure does love Blair and we see that in this book. Kelsey's story is going to be quiet interesting. I think this will give Blair and Garrett something to work on together.Both will do anything for family. Melissa I'd a added bonus! what is going to happen there? I am trying to keep this a spoiler free as possible. There is one part that brought tears. I don't know how Denise wrote through that. I was hanging on for Blair. Knowing the out come but feeling her emotional brake down of her not knowing. Very good added book. I can't wait for the other stories. If you hadn't read this book or any of the other ones in this series then get them now they don't disappoint. They have become one of my favorite reads.