Men Don't Love Women Like You - G.L. Lambert

Men Don't Love Women Like You

By G.L. Lambert

  • Release Date: 2016-02-09
  • Genre: Family & Relationships
Score: 4.5
From 393 Ratings


Updated for 2020! Read this award-winning book and revamp your love life overnight! Most men don't want you, they want to f**k you, know the difference. Most men don't love you, they love what you do for them, know the difference. Men Don't Love Women Like You! is a Step-By-Step manual on how to stop manipulation, command attention, and be seen as a must have by any man! 
****************Special Edition**************

You are the type of woman that men grow bored with and replace. Your beauty, your brains, your perceived uniqueness is hype. In your bias world, a man would be lucky to have a woman like you because you aren't like every other female. The brutal truth that we men refuse to tell you, is that you are painfully typical. You flirt like every other woman. You hold the same conversations as every other woman. You read the same typical relationship advice and try the same tricks as every other woman. All because you are obsessed with being loved like every other woman.

Men play along but they don't play for long. You are the woman we date and then dump. Sleep with then forget. Get into a relationship with, then eventually grow bored of. You will never work out because you don't stand out! The men you want the most, want you the least because you are just as ordinary as the women you claim to be better than.

No man is hard to figure out. No man is emotionally unavailable. No man is unready to settle down. When a man tells you he's not looking for anything serious, he means "with you!"

There are two types of women The Placeholder & The Game Changer. You are The Placeholder, that girl who fills a man's needs until The Game Changer arrives. A man will date you, sleep with you, even enter into a relationship, but you are not what he really wants. You are a practice woman, preparing him for his future wife. Aren't you tired of being just another seat filler? Will you become yet another mediocre woman that ends up settling for average because great men don't see her as anything special? Or are you ready to Spartan Up and learn how to become his Game Changer...

Men Don t Love Women Like You, is a brutally honest manual that will transform you from typical to priceless. The secrets in this book will guide you step by step as you learn what men think, how to counter their Bullsh*t, and the exact ways to turn the table in your favor. No matter who the man is, how young, old, rich, or popular he may be, this book will show you how to attain power over him. From the first meeting to the first date. From a new relationship hitting its first bump to an old relationship on its last legs. You will learn to dominate men in ways you never dreamed of. You will become what you were always meant to be A Goddess in the flesh.

Typical bitches get Typical results! Empowered women get powerful results! Open this book and learn how to get away with Pu$$y Power at a level never before seen and change your life.


  • Please read this book

    By kricksc
    Every lady needs to read this book. If there is only one dating book you get to read, let it be this one. Very practical, and when you read it, you too will also agree. It’s my new dating bible. I plan on practicing every single thing in this book.
  • Enjoyable and hardcore

    By too woot
    Great read can’t wait to pick up Ho Tactics
  • well done , But !

    By Sandra 6 Tomas
    this is so true, but , when I think more …. Some woman are using man too , to be their Place maker too. Some woman reader have one place Maker , wile for looking for a Good Man. Some woman like to be with young man wile looking for mature man . Wile young man think , that she is crazy for him , that is not true. I think woman are way smarter . We know how to act and who to choose . Who is a good guy and who is just used for … In that case , no hard feeling . But happy to have this guys around .
  • Very helpful

    By kmarisms41
    This has improved my life.
  • A must read

    By _Ezzy
    Truly life changing.
  • For all who want more out of love and life

    By calendar7
    Really liked this book! I feel I learned a lot and gained many new insights. Sure, some things should be taken with a grain of salt but lots of things were relatable for me. In the mid-section of the book, it became a bit repetitive but overall a great read for all women who want more.
  • All women must read!

    By YaniRNstudent
    Absolutely love this book! It has changed my life. Took me a min to actually Spartan up tho lol but I finally get it and it’s life changing. The concepts in this book apply to life not just dating. I recommend it to all women.
  • This book changed my perspective on dating!

    By Britt. Y
    I’ve been following G.L Lambert for years. First reading the black girls are easy blog posts, solving single, the Spartan dating script and now reading this book of gems. After taking the time read and this book cover to cover, I truly have awakened my inner Spartan. This was right on time!
  • Unlearn everything you thought about love

    By Kmurder21
    This book has changed everything I thought I knew about dating successfully. You will read this book and question everything, and you should. I can’t wait to apply these principles in person. Thank you GL Lambert.
  • Powerful book

    By siri-better
    It is time to stand up and be the Queen