English- Spanish Core Words Volume 1 - Tonya Holly

English- Spanish Core Words Volume 1

By Tonya Holly

  • Release Date: 2016-02-08
  • Genre: Foreign Languages


Want to learn Spanish? Or English?

English- Spanish Core Words is an easy to use flashcard styled eBook. It's never too soon to start a second language. This is a great collection of commonly used bi-lingual words at the core of our everyday vocabulary. This series is for all ages wishing to have an introduction to the English and Spanish languages.
You can practice them anytime, anywhere! Designed to drill yourself so you can improve your: spelling, reading skills, and speech in either language.

Volume one introduces the alphabets, colors & core words. Volume 2 introduces calendar dates, family members and numbers 1-100. For ease and understanding, each word is presentehd in a ialog box in both English and Spanish. Both volumes make great study aides & each have over 500 flashcards! Recommended for ages 3 yrs thru adults.

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