Six Wakes - Mur Lafferty

Six Wakes

By Mur Lafferty

  • Release Date: 2017-01-31
  • Genre: Adventure
Score: 4
From 161 Ratings


In this Hugo nominated science fiction thriller by Mur Lafferty, a crew of clones awakens aboard a space ship to find they're being hunted-and any one of them could be the killer.

Maria Arena awakens in a cloning vat streaked with drying blood. She has no memory of how she died. This is new; before, when she had awakened as a new clone, her first memory was of how she died.

Maria's vat is one of seven, each one holding the clone of a crew member of the starship Dormire, each clone waiting for its previous incarnation to die so it can awaken. And Maria isn't the only one to die recently. . .

Unlock the bold new science fiction thriller that Corey Doctorow calls Mur's "breakout book".


  • Awesome

    By joemamacanread
    I couldn’t stop reading this book!
  • Good read

    By Quang The Freak
    Lots of new ideas. Good read.
  • Bordering on Amateurish

    By Chris America
    I had to stop about a quarter of the way through when it became clear the interesting conceit involving clones was hopelessly mired in middling writing and a woefully clunky vision of the future.
  • Undeserved Hugo and Nebula nominations for best novel

    By sway2this
    I am one-third of the way through this mediocre novel and have encountered about half a dozen mistakes in grammar, word choice, and syntax that any proficient editor would have caught. I purchased the novel via iBooks so it should be a legitimate version, not a rogue copy. For this reason but also for the lackluster style, I am surprised the book was nominated for both 2018 Nebula and Hugo awards for best Sci-Fi novel. I’d like to be proved wrong by a major twist and surge in momentum in the next 100 pages — I’ll gladly eat my own words! — but I’m not optimistic. It is hardly a literary work. The diaspora context is recycled and reduced to a whodunnit. Characters are stereotypes, the POV is diluted, and present-day tech and culture surrounding them are applied to this relatively near future — the characters inhabiting it still use videos, tablets, and speakers, etc. Not very futuristic. Disappointing.