Forgiveness is Possible - United Church of God

Forgiveness is Possible

By United Church of God

  • Release Date: 2016-02-29
  • Genre: Christianity


Forgiving others can be very difficult to do, especially when we’ve been deeply hurt. It can also be hard to admit wrong and seek forgiveness when we are at fault. But both are absolute musts! Forgiveness is at the core of Christian faith, belief and action. It’s only by God’s grace that we can be saved, and His grace is the foundation of His forgiveness of our sins. That forgiveness was made possible by God’s love and the sacrifice of His Son Jesus Christ. We must never take that lightly. We must do everything that’s necessary to receive God’s initial forgiveness of all our past sins. And then for the rest of our lives, we must daily ask God for His forgiveness for any new sins we have committed.

-- The Spiritual Need to Forgive Others
-- How is sin forgiven?
-- Baptism’s role in repentance and forgiveness
-- God Can and Will Forgive You
-- Jesus Christ’s perfect love and sacrifice
-- Burying the past
-- Live a New Life in Christ