The Watchmaker's Daughter - C.J. Archer

The Watchmaker's Daughter

By C.J. Archer

  • Release Date: 2016-06-28
  • Genre: Historical Fantasy
Score: 4.5
From 2,361 Ratings


"a page-turner with great characters." 5 stars from Hooked On Books

"Loved, loved, loved this book." 5 stars from Eriegirl218

"What an absolutely fun read! This story had me captivated from beginning to end and eagerly awaiting the next book! Loved it! Mystery, and magic, with another great female lead!" 5 stars from Tjuliannev


India Steele is desperate. Her father is dead, her fiancé took her inheritance, and no one will employ her, despite years working for her watchmaker father. Indeed, the other London watchmakers seem frightened of her. Alone, poor, and at the end of her tether, India takes employment with the only person who'll accept her - an enigmatic and mysterious man from America. A man who possesses a strange watch that rejuvenates him when he's ill.

Matthew Glass must find a particular watchmaker, but he won't tell India why any old one won't do. Nor will he tell her what he does back home, and how he can afford to stay in a house in one of London's best streets. So when she reads about an American outlaw known as the Dark Rider arriving in England, she suspects Mr. Glass is the fugitive. When danger comes to their door, she's certain of it. But if she notifies the authorities, she'll find herself unemployed and homeless again - and she will have betrayed the man who saved her life.

With a cast of quirky characters, an intriguing mystery, and a dash of romance, THE WATCHMAKER'S DAUGHTER is the start of a thrilling new historical fantasy series from the author of the bestselling Ministry of Curiosities, Freak House, and Emily Chambers Spirit Medium books.


  • Watchmaker’s Daughter

    By polluxcloudysky
  • Essentially Nerve Wracking

    By VeniseL
    India Steele has a feeling that she'll be able to make Eddie Hardacre pay for breaking their engagement and keeping her father's Watchmaker Shop, but her female profile is annoyingly ignored again. The customer in the shop Mr. Glass hears her ranting and physically hauls her out of the shop, after he states his claim, so he then can kindly handle his business with Hardacre. When Glass leaves she notices, from her position outside, a bright light shine from is sleeve toward his being and thinks it odd. The inquiry he made about locating a very special watchmaker may or may not have to do with what she saw. A series of occurences to do with societal place and happenstance veers Miss Steel's story to a position of abandonment. She holds tight to her ideals of behavior and pursues her own security, while experiencing questionable affronts to her working class stature.
  • My opinion on the book

    By [Izumi]
    I’ve just finished reading the book today,and here’s my opinion on it.I’ll start off with the main character,India!India was really well written in my opinion.The writing was better than most wattpad cliche main characters.The concept of India was confusing though when I first read it-due to the lack of words I understand in the text.I’m not trying to hate for using words I don’t understand,it’s just that it confused me and probably some other people.Now I’ll be focusing on the story concept.It’s unique-it can also help me write my own story as inspiration.I’ve never seen a mystery book that had such humor at the start-and that’s what made me continue reading.And also I’ve never seen a person get back at their ex in a story.The storyline was amazing for a book made in 2016.Now I’ll focus on my main problem:Cliffhanger.I was really excited to read this book yesterday-I checked the reviews too;one admits to a cliffhanger.I didn’t care at first-as I thought it was a lie for people to not read it.But the fact you would add a cliffhanger when it’s a series kinda disgusts me.Again,this isn’t hate,but please try to avoid a cliffhanger when you have a full series-and this was the first one I read in this series!I think it said the FULL book costs $0.99 or $3.99.I don’t remember-but understand that you have a full fan base for this series but end such a unique book on a cliffhanger and make them pay some money.It makes me think you wasted time writing and making people think a good artist wrote this in 2016-when you just end it on a cliffhanger for no reason.That’s my concern on the book.Have a good day/afternoon/evening/night/midnight.
  • The Watchmaker’s Daughter

    By J.A.L.B.D.
  • Excellent read!

    By snewzann
    Written with a fun wry sense of humor and narrative voice. I really enjoyed this book and will look for more from this author.
  • Amazing Storytelling

    By **
    I couldn’t put down the book once I started. Hope to be able to write like this one day.
  • Watchmaker’s Daughter

    By Jennifer Callen
    Love the way you tell your story. Exciting from start to finish, no repeated chapters just a waste of paper. You are a great storyteller. Thanks 😊
  • Enjoyed Reading

    By Symere
    Enjoyable read.
  • Well done

    By Cstict
    This was well written and kept my interest.
  • Loved it!!!

    By Bdb wrestler
    This book was amazing, this is my first time reading the author and I loved the book. I was very invested in it too.