Wicked Ride - Sawyer Bennett

Wicked Ride

By Sawyer Bennett

  • Release Date: 2016-06-28
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4
From 233 Ratings


I think this woman may be the death of me. A dire prediction, but probably true.

Probably true because she’s not mine to have and I’ll probably take her, even at the risk to my own safety. So many men slobbering to get a taste of her and only one, sweet, virginal girl to go around.

That’s right.
She’s a virgin.
Looking like a porcelain china doll that would break if not handled carefully. But I also know she’s stronger than she looks.
She’s a contradiction.
She’s most likely my downfall.
Like I said, she’ll probably be the death of me, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.


  • Wicked ride

    By romancereader77
    It’s a really good book. I read book 5 first and loved Bridgers story so I decided to read another. I didn’t like this one as well but still really good. Logan’s character was hot but I’m not into deceitful women even though Aurelie came clean.
  • So so this time sawyer

    By Notworthit654321
    Storyline off to a good start ...lack of character development towards ending of book (like a movie that must end because allotted time has run out)
  • Amazing

    By Day728
    Another amazing Wicked Ride loved it! 😍❤️
  • Hold On For One Heck Of A Ride

    By Agent$$$$
    I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review. When starting this novel, I honestly didn't know what to expect. I've not been fortunate enough to read a Sawyer Bennett novel. I've purchased the first novel in this series, but haven't taken the time to read it. I will definitely go back to read it now! While this novel can be read as a stand alone, it is in a series. I felt I missed previous connections, but not enough to feel left out. The beginning or at least the first chapter had me thinking, "what did I get myself into"? I really don't care to read about slimy, sleaze-balls parading girls around for profit, BUT then revelations were made and I could NOT put this novel down! I loved how Logan was protective and jealous at the same time. I absolutely LOVED how Auralie didn't pity Logan, but helped to tear down his walls. She made him want to become a better person, one who believed he deserved the kind of love she had to give. At the same time, Logan helps Auralie escape the life she was born into to aspire make something of herself. I was very surprised at the ending and the basis behind Logan's struggles. I highly recommend this novel to anyone who believes in true love, love that survives almost insurmountable backgrounds and odds. I can't wait to read Bridger's story!!!
  • This is Logan McKay's story and boy it is a good one.

    By tsmb02(Sue G.)
    This is Logan McKay's story and boy it is a good one. Logan has some serious issues from his past that he is refusing to deal with. Instead he spends most of his time at The Silo looking for his next sexual encounter. He's not picky, just as long as he can forget his past....until SHE walks in...black hair, blue eyes and skin so pale, but unfortunately word on the street is that her virginity is being auctioned off to the highest bidder. Logan can tell that Auralie is not comfortable being paraded around, showing off her virginity and feels this need to protect her from Magnus, her "owner". What Logan doesn't know is that Auralie is there working a con to try and get her dad out of trouble. The connection these two had was crazy. They knew what each other was thinking just by looking at each other. As Logan and Auralie spend more time together it is obvious that they have feelings for each other. It is also obvious that each of them is hiding things from each other. As Logan and Auralie continued on this path, Logan was getting more pulled in until it comes down to having to be open and honest with each other. Auralie's back story was interesting but Logan's was WOW...didn't see that one coming! I loved these two characters and their wonderful story. They really were made for each other and their chemistry was just off the charts! Great addition to this fun, sexy series and I can't wait for Bridger's story, which had a sneak peek at the end!
  • Wicked Ride

    By Linneavalle
    Get ready for a Wicked Ride! Smart, sweet, sassy, scandalous, and so sinfully sexy. A sensational read that is Sawyer at her best!!! This book encompasses it all and I couldn't put it down. Logan is irresistibly tall, dark and handsome and Auralie is the perfect mix of innocence and sex appeal. Their story has you hooked from the Prologue until the very last page. I'd love to go into all the details that made me love this book, but Sawyer's brilliant storytelling is something you'll want to experience for yourself. Wicked Ride is book #4 in the Wicked Horse series and can easily be read as a stand alone, but why would you want to miss out on all the kink that goes on at The Silo (or outside of The Silo as well)? I highly recommend all the books in this series, but be prepared for a Wicked, sexy adventure!
  • 4.5 Stars!

    By ~Mindy Lou~
    This is book 4 in The Wicked Horse series but can be read as a standalone. Auralie is a virgin about to be auctioned at the Silo. Logan, one of the fantasy makers, was obsessed with her from the start. Logan doesn't have the kind of money needed to purchase Auralie's virginity and couldn't stand it when other men touched her. Why was Auralie letting Magnus sell her virginity when it was obvious she didn't want to be there? Logan was so desperate for Auralie and she was just as desperate for him. Would Auralie get saved from the auction or will she have to go through with it while Logan has to stand back and watch? We got to see bits of Logan in the previous books but we didn't know his back story. Something is obviously eating at him and he goes to the Silo to forget. Then you have Auralie and the mystery surrounding her back story. This book had me on edge and I just couldn't wait to unravel all the mystery. Great book! Great series! And I can't wait for Bridger's story in book 5! ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.