Musings and Nature Photos of 79 Fascinating Years - Jon Van Loon

Musings and Nature Photos of 79 Fascinating Years

By Jon Van Loon

  • Release Date: 2016-04-13
  • Genre: Poetry


Have you struggled with life’s commonplace issues and had intriguing and complex feelings about incidents family and friends? Do you love nature and have concerns for its preservation in the long term then this offering of poetry supplemented by photos is for you.
The poems were written in large part in praise of family and often in the memory of other special people that enriched my life. Mo, the name most frequently encountered is my wife of 55 years. The fact that she endured and loved me despite unpleasant fallout from my bipolarity and learning disability defines her better than any tribute I might write.
Throughout my 79 years I struggled with God and religion. A few discoveries during my career as a Professor occasioned me to have lived and worked in a variety of jurisdictions on 6 Continents. This broad exposure to life as it really is in most of the world has left me in my waning years if not an outright atheist at least a ponderous agnostic. A few of the poems reflect this transition.
I certainly do not claim anything near excellence as a poet yet I present this collection with the view that the reader might enjoy and perhaps relate to my ramblings on life and the lives of a few good people.
Selections of my favourite Photos are interspersed with the poems to allow the reader to enjoy views of nature as a respite to deliberation of the written word. These offerings depict tableaus that caught my eye from locations in The Greater Toronto area and the Gulf coast of Florida.