How to Make Money with a Portable Sawmill Business - John Davidson

How to Make Money with a Portable Sawmill Business

By John Davidson

  • Release Date: 2016-04-18
  • Genre: Reference


Table of Contents

What is a Sawmill?
Uses and Benefits of a Portable Sawmill
A Sawmill Business
Questions about a Portable Sawmill Business
•Q: What tools are needed to start up a portable sawmilling business?
•Q: Do I need a big space to start up my milling business?
•Q: How much is required to set up a portable sawmilling business?
•Q: Can someone make a living from sawmilling business?
Problems Small SizedSawmill Businesses Face
Activities in a Sawmill Facility
Setting Up a Portable Sawmilling Business
•Plan Ahead
•Learn the Trade
•A Place or Location
•Equipment Facility
•Determine Your Mode of Operation
•Find a Niche
Custom Sawing
Getting and Milling Your Woods
Buying Wood and Selling Lumber
•Calculating Your Expenses
•Ensure Periodic Maintenance
Getting Your Customers
•Family and Friends
•Earn Trust
How to Generate Profit through your Portable Sawmill Business
•Create a Niche
•Charging Methods
•Create Work Efficiency
•Increase Productivity
•Expand by Adding Other Services
Planning and Marketing to Improve Sales
•Get the Words Out:
•Create a Website:
•Key to the Success
Author Bio


Starting up a portable sawmill business can be stressful, because it involves a lot of hardwork and strength. The sawmill business is a legitimate way to earn a living. It can be handled as a part-time or fulltime job, which only depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend on the business; a high a sum of money is not required to set up a portable sawmill business. People who are still skeptical about going fulltime into the sawmill business can take the job as a hobby until they can decide whether to withdraw or delve into it fulltime.

My son has been sawing a truck load of logs.

When setting up a portable sawmill business, you should consider certain factors associated with the business, including the location or work area, the kind and size of wood you want to use, and the right sawmill equipment needed for the kind of sawmill business you want to establish. Setting up a portable sawmill business doesn’t only require capital; you should be able perform the task yourself. You can learn from an experienced sawyer the special skills needed to mill wood.

There are various questions asked everyday by people who are interested in establishing a portable sawmill business; they want to know if the business is viable, if it has some law restrictions, how profitable a sawmill business is, and so on. A portable sawmill business, like every other business, needs hard work and perseverance for it to succeed. Some people who are in the business have stated that generally a year is required to operate the business before a reasonable profit can be realized. This business is not a get-rich-quick venture which produces profit overnight; you need to show commitment and a high level of extra effort.

We have a successful sawmill business that we have been running in Northern Utah. You can read more about our business at


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