Strength Training Capacity: An Individualized Guide to How Many Sets - Mark Sherwood

Strength Training Capacity: An Individualized Guide to How Many Sets

By Mark Sherwood

  • Release Date: 2016-05-12
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors


Most people understand that weight training workouts provide an effective way to get stronger, but they may be confused about whether their workouts should be long, short, or somewhere in between. This matter does not have to be a mystery. Finding your own workload capacity is the key. Once you learn how to do this, you can individualize the number of sets that you do to match your own workload capacity.

The subject of how many sets to perform is initially addressed in the book “Strength Training Thresholds,” however, it is discussed in greater detail in “Strength Training Capacity.” Diagnosing the right amount of sets for your workload capacity will insure that you don’t short circuit your efforts by under-training or over-training, instead, you will maximize your strength training efforts.

In addition to the basic information on how to find your workload capacity, this book will show you:

How elite power lifters perform extensive amounts of warm up sets without compromising their strength for their heaviest set(s).

The number one mistake that inexperienced lifters make when pyramiding their way up to successively heavier sets.

How much rest between sets is needed to maximize your workload capacity.

Three ways to increase your sets and reps without exceeding your total workload capacity.

How to diagnose the correct number of sets when changing to different exercises and different amounts of weight within a workout.

When you understand the concepts in this book, it will enable you to train with the precision necessary for optimum results.