Amazing Sea Animals - Selena Dale

Amazing Sea Animals

By Selena Dale

  • Release Date: 2016-06-01
  • Genre: Nature
Score: 4.5
From 12 Ratings


Welcome to the Amazing Animals Adventure Series!

Come with us around the globe to explore the animal world.

In this book we will be visiting our underwater friends.
You will dive into the deep to swim with the fishes and other amazing sea creatures.

The salty ocean is vast, deep and full of variety. Water near the surface is lit by the sun and is warm. Water deeper down is dark and cold. In this book we will be looking at the sea creatures that live in all these types of environments.

What you will discover in this book:
How fish and other sea animals breathe underwater and out of the water.You will learn a thing or two about aquariums and the study of marine animals.All underwater animals are different in so many ways. You will learn why these creatures are a certain shape and size and how it helps them in their environment.Did you know some fish are not actually fish? It's true! You are about to find out the truth about these underwater imposters!How do fish move around in the water? It is not as simple as just moving their tail from side to side. Find out their secret.Why are some sea animals bright and colorful and others are just boring and dull? Want to find out?
This book is fully illustrated with fun and interesting animal images.
There is much more to find out too!
Also, to make sure you are paying attention you will be asked a couple of fun questions within the book. By asking and answering these questions it is a great way to interact with the subject matter and absorb the information within the book freely; and in a fun way!

If your child loves marine life and sea animals then take a look at this amazing sea animals series with fun, bizarre and very interesting information and facts.
Your kids can have fun while learning!

This book is part of a series called, "Amazing Animals Adventure Series" all of which are great for long bedtime reading.

Collect the series!