How To Use Jerkbaits: The Fishing Guide Book Packed With Secret Tips. Turns Novices Idiots And Dummies Into Overnight Fishing Experts. - Greg Vinall

How To Use Jerkbaits: The Fishing Guide Book Packed With Secret Tips. Turns Novices Idiots And Dummies Into Overnight Fishing Experts.

By Greg Vinall

  • Release Date: 2016-06-02
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors


Used properly, Jerkbaits are among the most devastatingly versatile and effective fishing lures that you can put in your tackle box. And despite what you might sometimes hear, they are an all-year-around option that can be used to target both active and shut-down fish.

In fact, jerkbaits have an amazing power to fool fish that can’t be taken on any other style of hard bodied lure. So it makes sense that those anglers who really learn to fully exploit the virtues of the jerkbaits tend to experience dramatic improvements in their catch rates.

So when all is considered it’s astounding how few anglers ever properly figure jerkbaits out! In fact, they’re probably one of the most misunderstood and misused hard bodied lures on the planet.

And that means there is a whole lot of fish out there that aren’t getting caught when they should be!

In what may be the first eBook ever fully dedicated to this style of lure, Greg Vinall puts jerkbaits under the microscope. In his typical no-nonsense style, he lays out simple and easy to understand techniques that means anyone can learn jerkbaits quickly. And that means more and better quality fish sooner.

Some key topics that Greg covers in detail are:

*How jerkbaits can help you catch more fish in those hard-fished waters where fish are educated and nothing seems to work

*Simple strategies, sequences and techniques for fine tuning your methods and maximizing your catch

*Understanding cadence and how important it is to successful jerkbait fishing

*Secrets to using topwater, shallow running, deep diving, suspending and sinking jerkbaits

* Recognizing the difference between hunger strikes and reaction strikes and knowing just which buttons to push that a fish will hit your lure whether it’s hungry or not!

* The one huge mistake that 90 percent of fishermen make when using jerkbaits - it's easily fixed and will massively increase your success (you'll wonder what you've been doing all these years!)

Best of all, getting great results from jerkbaits doesn’t require specialised or expensive tackle. In fact, if crankbaits are part of your normal fishing routine, then the odds are you already have a suitable outfit and you’ll probably even have some suitable lures in your collection.

With a little thought, strategy and know-how and some knowledge of how baitfish behave under various conditions you’ll quickly unleash the power of jerkbaits and be catching better fish than you ever thought possible!

Happy fishing!