Energy Addict - Jon Gordon

Energy Addict

By Jon Gordon

  • Release Date: 2004-09-07
  • Genre: Health, Mind & Body


We are overstressed, overworked and overtired – and things aren't getting any easier. The days are getting shorter while our to-do lists are getting longer. The pace of life gets faster and the demands increase.  We attempt to fight back with caffeinated drinks and candy bars hoping to get it all done before we crash. This is false energy…but Jon Gordon gives us the real thing.  

Gordon encourages us to become Energy Addicts using a few or all of the simple, effective physical, mental, and spiritual strategies in this book, including:Eat early and well, hydrate, exercise, nap, connect with natureNeutralize energy vampires, master the flow of money, embrace the energy of silenceConnect (with others and yourself), lead with your heart, learn to love and challenge life
Practical, common-sense, sometimes counterintuitive, Jon Gordon shows how we can become addicted to positive energy and habits, making small changes in our lives that will produce big results.