The Choice - Edith Eva Eger

The Choice

By Edith Eva Eger

  • Release Date: 2017-09-05
  • Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Score: 4.5
From 612 Ratings


A New York Times Bestseller

“I’ll be forever changed by Dr. Eger’s story…The Choice is a reminder of what courage looks like in the worst of times and that we all have the ability to pay attention to what we’ve lost, or to pay attention to what we still have.”—Oprah

“Dr. Eger’s life reveals our capacity to transcend even the greatest of horrors and to use that suffering for the benefit of others. She has found true freedom and forgiveness and shows us how we can as well.” —Desmond Tutu, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

“Dr. Edith Eva Eger is my kind of hero. She survived unspeakable horrors and brutality; but rather than let her painful past destroy her, she chose to transform it into a powerful gift—one she uses to help others heal.” —Jeannette Walls, New York Times bestselling author of The Glass Castle

Winner of the National Jewish Book Award and Christopher Award

At the age of sixteen, Edith Eger was sent to Auschwitz. Hours after her parents were killed, Nazi officer Dr. Josef Mengele, forced Edie to dance for his amusement and her survival. Edie was pulled from a pile of corpses when the American troops liberated the camps in 1945.

Edie spent decades struggling with flashbacks and survivor’s guilt, determined to stay silent and hide from the past. Thirty-five years after the war ended, she returned to Auschwitz and was finally able to fully heal and forgive the one person she’d been unable to forgive—herself.

Edie weaves her remarkable personal journey with the moving stories of those she has helped heal. She explores how we can be imprisoned in our own minds and shows us how to find the key to freedom. The Choice is a life-changing book that will provide hope and comfort to generations of readers.


  • Couldn’t put it down

    By Yay game:)!
    An amazing story of a woman’s resilience. I could not put the book down. I loved it
  • Breathtaking

    By SamTurnaa
    This book is simply amazing. I will actively seek people out who have not read it and urge them to.
  • Wow

    By Cattails67
    Such an amazing story of resilience.
  • 💕 Love

    By Dula87
    I read this book & it has been very essential 2 my well being I love that author was able 2 overcome things I couldn’t even fathom myself, her courage & ability 2 not succumb to her circumstances were very profound…. Thank you 🙏🏾💯💯🌷
  • The Best

    By Dogsatthelake
    Reading this book brought so much clarity to my own life. The Choice to continue after so much trauma and heartache was familiar to me. Loved how beautifully Edith wove her life and traumas to teach others that all things are possible as long as you believe.
  • Amazing story of courage

    By jco0114
    I read The Choice once, but know I will read it in pieces or in whole again and again! There’s so much to absorb—wisdom from surviving horror, but a wisdom also from someone who has the courage to take on the hard work of looking deeply inside and embracing her self and helping others! This book profoundly affected me! Thank you!
  • The Choice

    By trohrkir
    An amazing tale of how to live life. How one overcomes trauma and truly love life. Not preachy at all. Straightforward.
  • Cognitive Dissonance

    By bigbopaopolous
    While serving in the USAF and living in German for 13 years I was and still am struck how any culture could create such beautiful symphonies, art and important technologies while at the same time commit such atrocities. Then again I can’t understand how my own country captured and enslaved an entire race of people. In both cases and many more I’m afraid the lasting impact on not only the survivors but there generations is made clear in this book.
  • The Choice by Edith Eva Eger

    If you are still breathing this book is for you. It is a gift to receive and a gift to share. It will touch every emotion and define freedom as self awareness and love.
  • Beautiful and enriching

    By RJdemais
    Put everything in perspective.