1-2-3 Magic in the Classroom - Thomas Phelan & Sarah Jane Schonour

1-2-3 Magic in the Classroom

By Thomas Phelan & Sarah Jane Schonour

  • Release Date: 2016-08-02
  • Genre: Education


Classroom management made simple!

Designed specifically for pre-kindergarten through 8th-grade classrooms, 1-2-3 Magic in the Classroom offers a comprehensive framework that effortlessly combines simplicity, practicality, and remarkable results. 

With a focus on promoting respect, cooperation, and responsible behavior, this indispensable resource allows teachers to navigate challenging situations with confidence, fostering a harmonious atmosphere conducive to learning and growth.

From dealing with disruptive behaviors and attention-seeking antics to managing conflicts and enhancing student engagement, this guide provides a wealth of evidence-based techniques, making classroom management a breeze for both new and experienced educators, including:

Proven Strategies: Learn step-by-step instructions for effectively implementing the renowned 1-2-3 Magic method, supported by years of research and success stories.
Positive Discipline: Embrace a positive and respectful approach to discipline, promoting self-control, responsibility, and a sense of accountability among students.
Practical Tools: Access a treasure trove of practical tools, including behavior charts, role-playing exercises, and communication techniques, to establish clear expectations and maintain a thriving learning environment.
Tailored to Grade Levels: Adapt the principles and techniques to fit the unique needs of pre-K, elementary, and middle school students, ensuring age-appropriate interventions and maximizing effectiveness.
Engaging Classroom Management: Harness the power of positive reinforcement, logical consequences, and effective communication to create an engaging, motivating, and supportive classroom culture.
Proactive Problem-Solving: Build your skills in preventing discipline issues before they arise, identifying triggers, and addressing underlying causes of misbehavior.

Equip yourself with the comprehensive tools and insights necessary to transform your classroom into a space where learning flourishes and students thrive and discipline becomes an opportunity for growth and academic achievement.