Sins of the Father - Denise Grover Swank

Sins of the Father

By Denise Grover Swank

  • Release Date: 2016-11-01
  • Genre: Women Sleuths
Score: 4.5
From 262 Ratings


USA Today debut bestseller. The final novella in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestselling Rose Gardner Series.
As the fallout from J.R. Simmons' death begins to settle, some of the victims are still dealing with the results of that deadly night. Rose mourns the changes in her life and struggles to move on. Neely Kate is devastated when Joe leaves Henryetta two weeks after his father’s death and refuses to speak to her. Joe is left dealing with his father’s business and the consequent FBI investigation, while he wonders where he belongs. But when Rose’s former neighbor’s family dog runs away, Neely Kate convinces Rose to look for the pet and both discover a few things about themselves in the process.


  • Amazing

    By Tinasb
    Amazing book
  • Fantastic

    By Inuvik
    Absolutely loved it; As always. I keep vigil on each new one that comes out. Love them!
  • Have read all the books in order

    By Su Woodbury
    I found this one a little disappointing in the fact that Rose and Mason were still not back together and no Joe it's like I want her to find happiness!
  • Must read after #9!

    By Faziix3
    So glad this book was written! Helped me sleep better after reading the last book :') answers some questions and leads you towards the next series DGS has for us. I wish they'd never end! Love it
  • A must read for all Rose fans!

    By goofysandra
    The novella's are always a great addition to the series. They help me get through the long months until the next book in the series is released. I love getting POV's from the other characters. They have all grown and changed, along with Rose, so it's a treat to see things from their view. A must read for all Rose fans.
  • Absolutely perfect!

    By CarrieC317
    First, if you haven't read the Rose Gardner series GO do it now. This novella is a perfect lead in to the next book. I especially love getting to see Neely Kate and Joe's perspective in this novella. This is my absolute favorite series and as always I can not wait for the next book!! Hurry!
  • Must read!

    By Laura-01
    I'm so thankful that Denise, the author decided to put this novella out in her newsletter so that her readers can see the chain reaction of what happened with JR's falling out of in 36.5. The novella gives us the readers an opportunity to see more in depth of what's going on with Rose, Neely Kate, & Joe. It's so hard not to give away any spoilers but I really loved this novella!! Lots of soul searching and mending for most of the characters in our Rose series. It's a great follow up of what happened in 36.5 as mentioned above but I think Denise finished the novella in a good spot where the main characters can pick up and continue onto Family Jewels. I cannot wait to find out more about my fav characters in Family Jewels. Thank you Denise for this novella and please don't stop writing! Love your work!
  • Catharsis, Humor, and Intrigue

    By AB Shockley
    Sins of the Father is crucial reading for anyone who wants to bridge the gap between the finale of the Rose Gardner Mysteries (Thirty-Six and a Half Movites, book 9) and the Rose Gardner Investigations (Family Jewels - book 1 due November 2016). You get to see Rose, Neely Kate (NK), and Joe Simmons dealing with the massive amount of fallout from Thirty-Six and a Half Motives. While they don't get their own chapters, both James "Skeeter" Malcolm, and Kate Simmons make an appearance, the later of whom is equal parts saddening and infuriating. More than anything, I believe this novella could not be more perfect. It's a very cathartic read for anyone wanting to know more about how the lead characters (sans Mason, he doesn't make an appearance in this novella) are dealing with everything. The insight into the state of mind NK and Joe is heartbreaking. Everyone has their own coping mechanisms: for Rose it's being strong and carrying on, for NK is anger, and for Joe it's drinking and avoiding his problems. By the end of the novella I felt at peace. Sins of the Father perfectly fills in the void left after Thirty-Six and a Half Motives. With that being said, I cannot be more excited for Family Jewels. *****5***** stars from this satisfied reader!
  • Pefection

    By bengalfan78
    JR reign of terror might finally be over, But his impact is still felt by the characters we have grown to love. Rose, Neely Kate and Joe still bare the scars of JR's impact and slowly coming back to life. Rose has thrown herself into her business and while she misses Mason, she refuses to lay down. Rose is not the weak girl we first meet in the series and she is carrying on with her life. Neely Kate and Joe are still coming to terms with the fact they are related. Neely Kate has a history of rejection from her family and fears Joe wants nothing to do with her. In order to hide her paid, she has decided that her and Rose need to start their own PI business and what Neely Kate wants, she gets. Joe, is left to clean up the mess that his father left. Joe is hurting and blames himself for all the his father did. Joe carries so much guilt that he believes he will continue to hurt those he cares about and keeps him from reaching out to his newly found sister Neely Kate. However, a visit from Maeve, helps Joe see that all is not lost. As Joe, Neely Kate and Rose come together, they begin to process of healing from past wounds. Rose forges a head with a new life and Joe and Neely Kate begin to form a new family. As one chapter ends, our Favorite trio forges ahead to a fresh start.
  • A must read !

    By Sjwest101
    This is a great read after " Thirty-Six and a Half Motives " . It helps answer alt of questions .