Excerpts from Ultra-Efficient Freestyle! - Terry Laughlin

Excerpts from Ultra-Efficient Freestyle!

By Terry Laughlin

  • Release Date: 2016-07-27
  • Genre: Sports & Outdoors
Score: 3.5
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This complimentary ebook has been made freely available to allow you to sample the content and format of the full Ultra-Efficient Freestyle book. This excerpted version includes 40 pages of the 130-page full version. Included are these 7 sections:

Introduction: There is a better way! Describes the core elements of the ultra-efficient technique for freestyle; how and why it evolved; and for whom it’s intended.

History of Freestyle A succinct history of 6000 years of evolution in swimming techniques, with a focus on the 150-year evolution of ‘front crawl’ or freestyle and why TI’s ultra-efficient technique is the first significant ‘evolutionary leap’ in almost 100 years!

About Total Immersion How and why TI differs from traditional approaches; the three requirements that must be satisfied for any technique to become part of our method; and the four fundamental changes we seek to effect in every TI student (How to Think is #1.)

Swim 25% Faster at 90-plus? Dr. Paul Lurie took his first TI lesson at age 94, and is still improving in form—and speed—at 97!(Paul, now 98, swims 20 lengths every morning.)

Why Haven’t You Swum Better?  We all experience some degree of frustration or outright failure with traditional teaching or training, yet tend to blame ourselves when we fail. Learn why there’s nothing wrong with you that can’t be fixed by a change in approach. Features Tim Ferriss.

The ‘Universal Human Swimming Problem’ (UHSP) Describes six inherent causes of energy waste that are innate to being ‘a terrestrial mammal in an aquatic environment’ and how each undermines your efforts; the shockingly low rate (3%) at which the average human swimmer converts energy into forward motion; and why traditional approaches fail to solve them.

How to Swim Efficiently Learn the counterintuitive solutions to the UHSP; the foolproof 3-step Pyramid of Skills leading to ultra-efficiency; and the two little-known keys to success that allow you to bypass ‘error points’ and build confidence while learning.