Call Back for Murder - Denise Grover Swank

Call Back for Murder

By Denise Grover Swank

  • Release Date: 2017-02-28
  • Genre: Women Sleuths
Score: 4.5
From 207 Ratings


Book three in the four book USA Today best selling Magnolia Steele Mystery series.

When Magnolia Steele started digging into her father's disappearance, she had no idea she'd find so much dirt. The secrets she unearthed have changed the official story of what happened to him. Everyone other than her now believes that he embezzled from a client with the help of several accomplices, one of whom got greedy and killed the rest, but Magnolia's convinced there's more to it. She finds plenty of conflicting evidence, including startling links between several recent deaths and her father's past.

As if she didn’t have worries enough, someone has hidden cameras in her apartment, and the stalker who's been tormenting her amps up his campaign. She wants to trust someone with her secrets, but who? The police are out—there’s someone crooked on the force, and she has reason to believe it’s her maybe-boyfriend’s best friend—and even the people closest to her are suspect. Her sister-in-law and her sinfully attractive friend, Colt, both have agendas of their own; her mother is as tight-lipped as a vault; and in addition to having shady connections, her policeman suitor has a troubling secret.

Before she gets very far in her investigation, a murderer strikes again in Franklin, and this time the victim is someone she knows. The message is clear—step back and keep quiet—but to Magnolia Steele, it’s a call to action. 

Center Stage (Magnolia Steele Mystery #1)
Act Two (Magnolia Steele  Mystery #2)
Call Back (Magnolia Steele Mystery #3)
Curtain Call (Magnolia Steele Mystery #4)) October 17, 2017


  • Found out there is room in my heart for Rose Gardner and Magnolia Steele

    By Hansbsm
    I have to wake up at 6:30 but here it is after 1:30 and I just finished Call Back! 💔😭😩😱😔😦😳 I should have been sleep a few hours ago but the book kept getting better and better! I am so shocked and filled with emotion I don’t know if I’ll even be able to sleep now... while I got a lot of surprises (that I wasn’t expecting) as I finished I still have questions that I want answers to but I have to resist the urge to start Curtain Call... I MUST SLEEP! 😩😩 SUCH A GREAT BOOK SUCH A GREAT SERIES SUCH A GREAT AUTHOR!
  • Fantastic!

    By LuckyJ0nes
    Loved it!!!!
  • AWESOME!!!

    By Quelonius
    Of the three books... definitely this is the best. It was so difficult to put it down... OMG! I have to wait until October!!! =P
  • The best yet

    By WeMomma
    This series just gets better and better. I could not put it down. Looking forward to the next book. Must read!!!!!
  • Amazing

    By Catarina H
    Kept me on the edge
  • Amazing!!

    By Laura-01
    This book was a rollercoaster of emotions for me. I can certainly say that this book is by far the best one yet in the series. It just keeps getting better and better. Once you pick up this book to read you get sucked in right into the world of Magnolia Steele. Everything else disappears so make sure your kids are tucked away and chores are done!! There were several times that this book had its "OMG", "*gasp*", "RUN!", "ugly crying", moments but I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. With all of its twists and turns and story line it is easy to get caught up in the story and very difficult to put it down. While we did get some shocking answers there are a few left to uncover so I'm sure Curtain Fall will be EPIC!
  • The mystery is nearly solved...

    By grooviemomma
    ...but thank goodness there is another book to wrap it up. Can't wait for book four!
  • Everyone is a Suspect and Anyone Can Die

    By AB Shockley
    Denise Grover Swank is an author I trust. She never ceases to amaze me with her prose, and Call Back is no different. Being the third installment of the Magnolia Steele Mysteries, stakes are REALLY high for Maggie. She's stuck in a web of danger that looks impossible to get out of. On top of that, who can she trust? Personally, I'd trust absolutely no one in this universe. One character is revealed to have shady, if not down right creepy intentions. I feel vindicated in my complete distrust of said character as soon as he was introduced earlier in the series. On the other hand, two characters I haven't trusted much are starting to earn more respect from me. I'm sure that'll all change with the final book. As the "Scream" saying goes... everyone is a suspect and anyone can die. Call Back even surprised me a couple of times, and that's a lot for someone who usually figures out the "twist" of a story early on. There's little I can complain about, because the story is crafted so well. I do have to say that I find Maggie's decision making skills rather lacking, but what else would expect of someone under extreme duress? I am DYING to see how this series will unfold with the final installment, Curtain Call, later this year. If I could time travel to get the 4th book right now, I would! Bravo, Denise! I absolutely love this series. *****FIVE STARS*****
  • Couldn't put the book down, loved it

    By Jackkirb
    I just can't get enough of this series. There's still so many unanswered questions to the mystery.
  • Call Back

    By Turkey talk
    As always you don't disappoint. Love your writing .