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  • Not much

    By Kidney disease
    I have read all of Turow's books. Skip this one.
  • Testimony

    By SPBerko
    Scott Turow did an amazing amount of research for this book, and that research helped to make it a very interesting and excellent read.
  • Testimony

    By Bulldog1842
    Have enjoyed this author's previous books. Disappointed in most every aspect of the story, and particularly, the ending!
  • Testimony

    By Cgpcpa
    Worse book I've read in a long long time!
  • Ugh!!!

    By HB PCH
    I have liked all of Turow’s earlier books. This is by far one of the worst books I have ever read. The book just drags along. I decided to finish it because I never stop reading a book once I have started it, but this was a struggle to get through. If I were you, I would find another book to read.
  • Impressive

    By Greatquincylawyet
    A terrific read. Well written and extremely creative.
  • Testimony

    By Armeranus
    Badly in need of serious extensive editing
  • Great Story Just Peters Out...

    By RedDog1
    Have always enjoyed the intellectual jousting that comes with Turow books. This story had all the earmarks, and the telling of it goes just fine. But as the myriad mysteries begin to come to resolution, the impact and import of the basic story seem to escape as air from a balloon. Anti-climax is a word that comes to mind.
  • Turow's Artistic Regression

    By Lukester2012
    The lawyer who wrote like a novelist has become a novelist who writes like a lawyer. I can't square Turow's early career ability to generate first-rate suspense with his recent prose, which frequently is about exciting a read as an appellate brief on copyright infringement.
  • Test

    By Mort Schwabb