Genealogy under the Autumn Moon - Denise Larson

Genealogy under the Autumn Moon

By Denise Larson

  • Release Date: 2016-09-05
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers


Tobias Arving is a professional genealogist in a small town in Maine. Tracing family trees is his business—a quiet job for a quiet man—but adventure and danger arise and increase with every client.

With high-speed car chases, treasure hunts, perplexing riddles, a brush with the occult, and a scheming woman intent on becoming the sole heir to a fortune, Tobias's life weighs in the balance as he risks everything to do his job and keep a promise made to a rich client who died with a secret. Will Tobias survive, or will keeping his promise be the death of him and Pollie, who might just be the love of his life? Genealogy just got dangerously interesting. 

This fast-paced mystery will have you reading from start to finish without stopping for more than a chuckle or two. You might even take up genealogy—at your own risk.