Financial Proficiency For Young Adults - Wolfgang Riebe

Financial Proficiency For Young Adults

By Wolfgang Riebe

  • Release Date: 2016-09-22
  • Genre: Personal Finance
Score: 4
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Financial Proficiency For Young Adults: Financial Tips Your Parents & Teachers Never Told You About!

Are you a young adult or recent university graduate stepping into the professional world? Equip yourself with the essential financial knowledge that schools and parents often overlook. "Financial Proficiency For Young Adults" is your ultimate guide to mastering money management and planning for a sustainable future.

In just 30 minutes, this course delivers 12 concise yet powerful lessons designed to give you the edge in achieving financial security. Each lesson is packed with practical advice that is easy to understand and implement, ensuring you are well-prepared to navigate the financial challenges of adult life.

Course Highlights:

Lesson 1: Acknowledgement of the Self Understand your financial identity and goals.

Lesson 2: You are the Sandwich Generation Learn about the financial pressures of supporting both your parents and future children.

Lesson 3: You Will Pay Higher Taxes Prepare for the reality of tax obligations and strategies to manage them.

Lesson 4: Understanding Budgeting Master the art of creating and sticking to a budget.

Lesson 5: Patience – Learn to Save Discover the importance of saving and how to cultivate patience in building wealth.

Lesson 6: Build a Contingency Fund Ensure you're prepared for unexpected expenses with a solid emergency fund.

Lesson 7: Save for Retirement Immediately Start planning for retirement now to enjoy a secure and comfortable future.

Lesson 8: Last Will & Testament Understand the significance of having a will and estate planning.

Lesson 9: Never Cash in Savings Learn why it's crucial to keep your savings intact.

Lesson 10: Cover All Risks Identify potential risks and how to protect yourself financially.

Lesson 11: Find a Professional Financial Advisor Know when and how to seek professional financial advice.

Lesson 12: Always Remain Informed Stay updated with financial news and trends to make informed decisions.

Take control of your financial future today with "Financial Proficiency For Young Adults" and pave the way for a secure, informed, and prosperous life.


  • Basic, yet effective knowledge

    By lazerg22
    I liked it. Very simple, effective quick read. Will apply like to life and I recommend.
  • I like it

    By Tionna Miller
    It’s a good book, it gives you the basic of saving in life
  • Read it to get a basics

    By Captain Nahyan
    Read it learn it enjoy it