1-2-3 Magic Teen - Thomas Phelan

1-2-3 Magic Teen

By Thomas Phelan

  • Release Date: 2016-11-01
  • Genre: Family & Relationships


Help your teens grow into the very best versions of themselves!

From rule-breaking and risk-taking to defensive communication and disrespect, parenting a teenager can feel like modern warfare--but it doesn’t have to be that way. In 1-2-3 Magic Teen, Thomas W. Phelan, an internationally renowned expert in child discipline and mental health, explains how to better understand your teenager, which problems are not worth fighting over, and why your child’s behavior likely matches the definition of a normal adolescent! With helpful, straightforward advice backed up by research and parent-tested strategies, 1-2-3 Magic Teen will help you establish a calmer, more respectful home and family life and show you how to guide your teenager into healthy, functional young adulthood.

This book offers practical strategies to address common issues such as attitude, independence, technology use, academic pressures, and social life. Dr. Phelan provides guidance on fostering open communication, cultivating emotional maturity, and supporting your teen's growth into a responsible, resilient adult.

You’ll also find tools and advice tailored for the challenges of a teen lifestyle, including:

• Forgetting to do chores
• Absence in family outings
• Drop in grades
• Missed curfews
• Parties and drinking
• Work responsibilities

Whether you're trying to navigate daily communication challenges or the larger issues of adolescence, 1-2-3 Magic Teen provides the tools you need to maintain a positive relationship with your teenager and help them navigate their path to adulthood.