The Searching For Collection - Jennifer Probst

The Searching For Collection

By Jennifer Probst

  • Release Date: 2016-11-28
  • Genre: Contemporary


New York Times bestselling author Jennifer Probst brings her signature witty, sexy, heartfelt style to the romances in the wildly popular Searching For series!

In Searching for Someday, Kate Seymour has a smashing success with Kinnections, the matchmaking service she owns with her two best friends. But Kate’s more than a savvy businesswoman: She’s gifted with a secret power, a jolting touch that signals when love’s magic is at work. When Slade Montgomery, the hot-tempered—and hot-bodied—divorce lawyer storms into Kinnections demands proof that playing Cupid won’t destroy his vulnerable sister, Kate’s newest client, the only way to convince this cynic that she’s no fraud is for Kate to meet his challenge: find his dream woman. Can Kate keep their relationship strictly business when her attraction nearly knocks her off her feet?

Searching for Perfect tells the story of another Kinnection’s founder, Kennedy Ashe. A coach and cheerleader rolled into one sizzling package, Kennedy creates dream dates, encourages singles to shine, and never refuses a challenge—not even her new client, Nate Ellison Raymond Dunkle, nerd extraordinaire. Kennedy vows to transform this hot mess into the most wanted man on the dating scene. When she realizes she and Nate are cut from the same cloth and might be perfect together, can Kennedy learn to let her heart lead the way?

In Searching for Beautiful, Genevieve MacKenzie has her life completely under control—until an escape through the church window on the day of her wedding sends her life into a tailspin and flings her right into her best friend’s arms. He whisks her away, determined to watch over her and discover the truth behind her desperate escape. But when his feelings turn more than platonic, he realizes he may risk it all in order to protect the woman he loves.

It’s time for the third founder of Kinnections’ happily-ever-after in Searching for Always: she’s an expert in helping others de-stress, but Arilyn Meadows is running on fumes. Along with her job counseling singles seeking soul mates at the Kinnections agency, she’s a yoga teacher, animal shelter volunteer, and therapist. But when police officer Stone Petty—radiating masculinity and attitude—is sent to her for mandatory lessons in cooling off when the job gets too hot, Arilyn vows to ignore his seductive glances and sexy grin. But there’s no halting their sizzling flirtation—a red-hot, high-speed chase that’s breaking all the limits.

In Genevieve’s sister Isabella’s story, Searching for Disaster, when she tries to move on from her disastrous past, Officer William Devine is determined to show her that love is the only way to heal.

Finally, get cozy with Searching for You, where high-powered CEO Riley Fox and playboy billionaire Dylan McCrae get stranded in a snowstorm, and sparks will fly if they can make it through the night together!