Wild Ride Cowboy - Maisey Yates

Wild Ride Cowboy

By Maisey Yates

  • Release Date: 2017-08-29
  • Genre: Western
Score: 4.5
From 77 Ratings


New York Times bestselling author Maisey Yates enthralls again when a cowboy returns to Copper Ridge, Oregon, to keep a promise—even if it means losing his heart…

Putting down roots in Copper Ridge was never Alex Donnelly’s intention. But if there’s one thing the ex-military man knows, it’s that life rarely unfolds as expected. If it did, his best friend and brother-in-arms would still be alive. And Alex wouldn’t have inherited a ranch or responsibility for his late comrade’s sister—a woman who, despite her inexperience, can bring tough-as-iron Alex to his knees.

Clara Campbell didn’t ask for a hero to ride in and fix her ranch and her life. All she wants is the one thing stubborn, honorable Alex is reluctant to give: a chance to explore their intense chemistry. But Clara has a few lessons to teach him, too…about trusting his heart and his instincts, and letting love take him on the wildest adventure of all.


  • Emotional and Uplifting Visit To Copper Ridge

    By coffeegoddesstmk
    Paying a visit author Maisey Yates' Copper Ridge, Oregon, always feels a bit like coming home. Tight-knit community, the feel of small-town living, the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, all work so beautifully when brought together in Maisey's books. I'd been looking forward to getting Alex Donnelly's story in WILD RIDE COWBOY, and loved every bit of this book. Maisey does an excellent job of crafting characters with multiple layers, of people just like the rest of us that have much more going on than meets the eye. Both Alex and Clara are moving through life projecting an image that hides so much of what makes up the real them. Maybe it's something about Copper Ridge, maybe it's becoming part of something bigger than themselves, of having the opportunity to move beyond the exterior that people have come to expect. No matter the reason, both of these beautifully broken people bloom and flourish under the care and keeping of each other and those around them, and I just adored the unfolding of their story. WILD RIDE COWBOY has all of the hallmarks of the other books in the Copper Ridge series. Angst, heat, scenes sexy enough to bring both a blush and an 'oh, my,' and humor aplenty. I figure that, if an author can make me laugh, cry, and fan myself in the course of one read, it's a good one, and Maisey has done an excellent job of all of these. WILD RIDE COWBOY is another win for me, and an easy 4 absolutely enjoyable stars. I can't get enough of these characters, and am looking forward to getting the lowdown on the backstory between Clara's friend Sabrina and Liam Donnelly in CHRISTMASTIME COWBOY. If you haven't met good folks of Copper Ridge, you're missing out. Do yourself a favor and read these books; they're a trip you'll be glad that you took.
  • Always fun to head back to Copper Ridge!

    By Lynn B888
    Always fun to re-visit the Donnelly family in Copper Ridge! With this book, Maisey Yates brings us Alex's story. He's haunted by his past, but is determined to keep his promise to his late Army buddy and get his sister set up to prosper in the future. I liked Clara and admired her spirit after all she had lost. I enjoyed Alex, but had a little harder time connecting with him than I did with his brother's in the past. Not my favorite in the series, but a fun read none-the-less. Alex Donnelly never planned on putting down roots, but circumstances change on the dime in life, and he finds himself not only working with his brothers on the family ranch, but also taking over at his buddy's family ranch for a short time to get his little sister settled. Clara Campbell can't believe her brother sent a keeper to take charge of her life. She doesn't need anyone to make her face the things she's burying her head in the sand about ... but after spending some time with Alex, she wouldn't mind him helping her do other things! Can she convince him that he's just the one to help her enjoy life a little more?