SEAL of Protection Box Set 1 - Susan Stoker

SEAL of Protection Box Set 1

By Susan Stoker

  • Release Date: 2016-11-14
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 433 Ratings


Get the first three books in the SEAL of Protection Series (plus the bonus novella, Marrying Caroline) in a convenient low-priced package today. Over 600+ pages for suspense and hot Navy SEALs.

Book 1: Protecting Caroline
Find out how the NYT Bestselling Series got started. Caroline gets on a plane and never expects it to change her life...after helping to save the lives of everyone on board, she spends a few days with the Navy SEAL who was beside her every step of the way.
Now the terrorists are after her...will Wolf and his team make it back to save her life?

Book 2: Protecting Alabama:
Abe meets the woman of his dreams in the middle of a raging fire. Alabama is damaged from her horrible childhood. See how Abe woos the woman for him and then how he screws it up. Can Alabama get past what Abe did? Can Abe make amends to Alabama?

Book 3: Protecting Fiona:
Fiona has been rescued after being kidnapped and held in Mexico. The SEAL team, with Hunter, AKA “Cookie” rescues her and brings her back to the States. She has some healing to do, and even though she's free, sometimes that isn't enough to keep the demons at bay.

Book 3.5, Marrying Caroline (novella):
Caroline and Wolf had a wild start to their relationship…plane hijacking, kidnapping, attempted drowning, and a terrorist plot foiled. Now things have calmed down and a wedding is in the works for the couple. By enlisting the help of Wolf’s teammate, Cookie, Caroline is immersed in plans for her dream wedding.
Of course, with their luck, things can never go off without a hitch.


  • Protecting Fiona/Marrying Caroline

    By siatimo
    Awesome Read. Love Hunter and Fionas story. Caroline’s & Wolf’s wedding was hysterical. I preferred it to a boring traditional Wedding.
  • Couldn’t put it down!

    By Hope in Gulfport
    Each book can stand alone, but I loved the characters so much, that I had to keep buying the books until the last one was completed!!
  • Love

    By Dkirkha
    Great series strong women for alpha type males
  • High level of violence against women

    By FL Business Girl
    Susan is a very capable writer that takes her time in character development, description and discussion. Her characters in this series are also a wonderful group. But in nearly every book she hits a point in the story where you go from the wonderful interactions to incredibly detailed extreme physical violence against women. It’s absolutely shocking, uncalled for and unnecessary. It’s unfathomable how a woman can insert this kind of violence written in such longhand. No matter how much you love the rest of the story and characters and eventual happy ending, her books will leave you feeling violated and sick to your stomach. Women come to the genre of romance novels in large part to be comforted by the love and protection of the men in the storylines. There are plenty of ways to write these books without huge segments of sexual assault and torture. Don’t we have enough issues with this going on in the world without women romance novel writers inflicting it on women and the world as well...? Very disappointing.
  • 4 books of perfection!

    By Rtbbenson
    THis is a 4 book box set, starting out the Seal of Protection Series by Susan Stoker. I love this entire series!! This is such a great way to get the first 4 books for cheap. Book 1 - Protecting Caroline: This is the book that starts the obsession. Honestly! This is so well written and flows well from the first word. By the time you get to the last word, you're thinking where did the story and the time go?? In this book, Caroling is just a normal woman. Normal looking, Normal acting, just...normal. Not hot (although she is super freaking smart!!), which is why noone notices her. She is on a plane, in the aisle seat. Then a man comes up nest to her, and asks to get to his middle seat. He is HUGE! Huge tall, Huge muscles, just...HUGE. She feels bad, since she is a nice person, and so she trades seats with him, so he can have the leg room that the aisle affords him. It turns out they start to chat and then all hell breaks loose on the plane. It turns out that Matthew (the Huge man) is a Navy Seal. This is really good, since the plane just got hijacked. He is not alone on the plane either. He has 2 teammates on the plane with him in various seats. You really REALLY need to read this story!! THERE IS NO SEX IN THIS STORY...darn those bad men!! See how this unfolds and who wins this fight between good and bad...normal vs hot...Seals vs ???. Book 2 - Protecting Alabama: In this book, Christopher (Abe) Powers meets the love of his life. She is very quiet. Alabama has had a rough life so far. She was a seriously abused child growing up, and so taught herself some good life lessons. She meets Abe. They start dating...and you know it, He acts like a man. A total idiot! He then trys to find her. Alabama knows how to fall the grid., and she does. Noone can find her. The Seals can't even find her. Read this story, to find out if Abe can find his woman. Find out if he can ever be forgiven for being an idiot. This is such a GREAT read!! You cannot go wrong with this story!! Book 3 - Protecting Fiona In this book, "Cookie" goes into south America to rescue a woman (a spoiled senators daughter, a real "princess type") hostage in a sex trade ring. As he stealthfully sneaks into the village to break her out, he finds her in a hut...and another woman too. This "princess" was going to leave the other woman behind. Ugh! Anyways, "Cookie" says they ALL get out or noone does. This new woman, Fiona, is still suffering from the drugs they were giving her to keep her docile. This makes getting away, a very VERY slow sluggish process. You need to read this story to see if the get out of the darn jungle or not. To see how Cookie deals with the 2 women by himself with low to little rations. Can it be done? Can he get them out? Can he save the woman meant to be his?? Book 4 - Marrying Caroline: Wolf has finally done it! He has popped the question and Caroline has accepted! They are FINALLY get their perfect day...or are they?? Anyone who knows Susan Stoker by this point in her books, knows nothing is ever this easy. LOL Not even a wedding. Read this story to see if they can get to the alter in time. See if they can say I DO. See what holds them up. See who actually plans the darn wedding. It isn't really Caroline. She is more brainy than an artsy wedding type. You can NOT GO WRONG WITH THIS BOX SET!! By the end of book 4, you'll agree with the rest of us, it is worth waaaaaay more than this. Happy reading everyone!!! LATER I'LL SAY...I TOLD YOU SO :p
  • Seal of Protection Box Set 1

    By Kandi C.
    Awesome series, follow Wolf and his seal team as they fall in love and protect their other half from harm.
  • Wonderful series

    By Joyce590
    Wonderful series of Seals and their heroines. Well written by New York Times best selling author.
  • Seals of Protection

    By Kathy Donner
    Great books!!! Loved everyone of them.