Mass Effect: Andromeda - Strategy Guide -

Mass Effect: Andromeda - Strategy Guide


  • Release Date: 2017-03-02
  • Genre: Games


Sent on a 600 year voyage to the next galaxy, you are the Pathfinder, the one selected to lead your race as you discover and colonize new worlds. To survive in this harsh new reality, you must quickly learn to co-exist with other races in Andromeda, and unlock the mysteries of the galaxy itself, in order to ultimately decide the fate of humanity.

Inside the guide you will find:

- A detailed explanation of the main missions.
- Complete coverage of every side quest and area you can discover.
- Examination of dialogue choices and their consequences during the game.
- Combat and skills guide, helping you choose the class and playstyle which suits you best.
- A trophy/achievement guide to help you unlock every last one.
- A story recap for newcomers of the Mass Effect series or to help veterans refresh their memory of Commander Shepard's journey.