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  • Married in Montana

    By UP Sherwood
    Good story things kept moving
  • Loved it

    By kristylof
    Irishman Thomas Sheenan came to america looking for a new life on his own after tragedy struck his family. Marriage was the last thing he wanted. Ellie needs a husband to be able to stay at the her family ranch once her father passes and sees Thomas as a strong capable man to help her run her. She just didn't expect him to be so strong willed. Can the two make a marriage in name only work or will someone loose there heart in the process? I loved Thomas and Ellie's story. In the beginning Thomas seemed like a hardened man but When Ellie needed him he really showed a soft side which drew me into the story. The heartache Ellie went through after loosing her father was very relateable.
  • Married in Montana

    By Jean Granowski
    This was a wonderful historical romance. I love going back in time to a different era. Ellie is desperate for a husband because her father is dying and she will be left vulnerable if he passes before she is married. Thomas Sheenan doesn't ever want to get married, but he respects Ellie's father, and is attracted to Ellie, so when she proposes a business deal type marriage, he accepts. I loved the emotions in this story. Ellie goes through quite the rollercoaster from marriage to her father's death, to the aftermath of that while adjusting to married life. Thomas is a good man and has experienced enough loss in his life that he is very protective of Ellie, but she is very strong willed and stubborn so they certainly have some interesting spats. I loved the characters and storyline. It was a nice escape from reality.
  • marriage of convenience

    By momof3boysj
    Love was never part of the agreement. Ellie wanted to save the ranch and Thomas was trustworthy to run it. Emotions run high as they fight the passion to make the marriage work, but is passion enough to keep this family together? They must learn to trust and love by opening their hearts and minds to possibility...for a future.
  • Marriage of Convenience

    By Eileen A-W
    I loved, loved, loved Jane Porter’s historical story, Married in Montana, the second book in the Paradise Valley Ranch series which will give those readers who love the Marietta, Montana stories a glimpse at the town’s founding families. This is Ellie Burnett and Thomas Sheenan’s story, the patriarchs of those Sheenan brothers Jane Porter writes so well about. This story has its sad parts, grieving the death of family members that affects both Ellie and Thomas, but then the happy, loving parts gave this reader hope for these two. I especially enjoyed learning the origin of the Sheenan name as my family name was another of those altered one when my relatives arrived at Ellis Island. I really enjoyed reading this book and had trouble putting this book down, reading it in one day. Ms. Porter is a wonderful story teller, always drawing me into her books, and making me forget the world around me. I highly recommend this book to other readers and I really look forward to the next book in this series. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
  • A Marriage of Convenience

    By SBart79
    A marriage of convenience that leads to so much more, even though Elle and Thomas don't want to admit at first. Elle is in need of a husband, fast, her father is dying and needs someone to help manage the ranch. Thomas has arrived for Ireland years back to make it rich, this will be perfect for him. Elle and Thomas are both bullheaded, that it is comical at times. Neither want to admit that they have fallen in love with each other. Loved, loved this book!! Great characters that I fell in love with. Elle is so strong willed, use to getting her way, " daddy's little girl". Thomas, lost so much in his life, he is not about ready to give up on this ranch. My favorite part was the combing of Elle's hair, brought tears to my eyes. Jane Porter knows how to transport you into a different time period with her storytelling. I highly recommend this book.