Second Chance Girl - Susan Mallery

Second Chance Girl

By Susan Mallery

  • Release Date: 2017-09-26
  • Genre: Contemporary
Score: 4.5
From 219 Ratings


From the #1 NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Susan Mallery, read the second irresistible installment in the Happily Inc series!

Mathias Mitchell’s easy smile hides a world of hurt. After the worst kind of family betrayal, he moves to Happily Inc., California—the wedding destination town supplies a steady stream of bridesmaids, perfect for his “no promises, no pain” lifestyle. Yet he can’t stop watching for his beautiful, elusive neighbor on the animal preserve behind their homes.

Gamekeeper Carol Lund knows she’s not special enough to attract an alpha male like Mathias, so his offer to help her adopt a herd for her lonely giraffe is surprising—and his determined seduction, even more so. But just as she finally welcomes him into her bed, his careless actions crush her heart. Will she give him a second chance to prove she’ll always come first in his heart?

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    By Lynn B888
    A quirky town keeps bringing happily ever afters when people least expect it! With the second book in her Happily Inc series, Susan Mallery brings us another Mitchell brother romance along with lots of fun and laughs as wedding fever continues to reign! The main characters were a joy to watch get together ... I still feel like this series is a tad confusing with all of the characters thrown at you, but at least the core families are becoming familiar. Gamekeeper Carol Lund might fancy her neighbor Mathias Mitchell, but she knows she's just a plain Jane in comparison to the one-off bridesmaids he prefers, so she appeases herself with his friendship. When he steps up and finds a brilliant way to raise money to buy the herd her giraffe Millie desperately needs to keep her company, she just can't believe he'd go so far out of his way to help her. He really is a great guy, even if he doesn't want anyone to know it! Mathias grew up in a volatile family atmosphere, and it's only gotten torn apart more in recent years. He was never one to hold back on giving his love and affection, but there's only so much heartache a man can take before he has to protect himself ... and in his world, love hurts ... so he wants no part of it!
  • A great feel-good story to brighten your day

    By Rybecbensmom
    I loved Second Chance Girl of Susan Mallery's Happily Inc. series. It's not really so much a take of second chances, but of Mathias and Carol's friendship growing into something more-along with the screw ups that happen because neither feels worthy. The conversations between them made me laugh in parts and I loved how Matthias helped to get Millie a herd. It was also nice to see old friends from Fool's Gold though I could do without the Mitchell parents. A great feel-good story to brighten your day.
  • A Feel Good Read

    By chell u
    Yay, for "Second Chance Girl", the second book in the Happily Inc. series. A feel good read that makes you believe in happily ever afters and true love. You fall in love with the romance between Mathias and Carol. Can't wait until the third book in the Happily, Inc. series.
  • Millie the Giraffe!

    By Tigressdana
    Second Chance Girl is sent in Happily Inc. with Carol and Mathias being friends and falling for each other as well as Carol's sister, Violet, falling for a visiting Duke! I have a degree in Zoology so I loved that in this book Carol is a gamekeeper and finding a herd for Millie the giraffe is one f the main goals. Mathias comes up with the idea of how to raise money for Carol and shows that he loves her. Anything with animals is great for me. It is a cute story about friendship, sisters, animals, and falling in love. I would recommend it for a light read!
  • Second Chance Girl, funny, warm, great read!

    By Sarah tobin
    Second Chance Girl by Susan Mallery is our second entry in the new world of Happily Inc, California. In this book we meet Mathias Mitchell and Carol Lund and her sister Violet. Mathias is a Fools Gold transplant who works with his brother as an artist in the medium of glass. Carol is the games keeper at the Happily Inc nature preserve. As Mathias’s neighbor and friend, Carol agrees to help him with and through his brothers upcoming wedding and all that entails. As the wedding nears and they get closer, will Carol and Mathias overcome their personal insecurities and realize that what they have is worth fighting for? We also get to experience the story of Violet and Ulrich, a man from her past. Thrown together again by a freak accident involving a giraffe, they find themselves drawn to each other. What will become of their time together? If you liked Mallery’s Fools Gold series, you will love Happily Inc too. Step further into this quirky little town in the desert of California and fall in love with its people and characters. This is a great story of love, family and art. If you are looking for a fun, warm, character driven story with a lot of heart and laughter, look no further than Susan Mallery’s Second Chance Girl.
  • I'm loving this new series!

    By Karen'sKorner
    Happily inc. is my new happy place! Mathias Mitchell from Fool's Gold has moved to town with his brothers to work through family conflict. Here her meets Carol and Millie and falls for them both;-) Susan has a wonderful way of developing a town complete with quirky, fun and unique businesses and people! You can read this alone or if you missed the first in the series do yourself a favor and start with You Say it First. You can't go wrong with this book ( or author ) and there is even a modern day Duke with a secondary love story. Loved this book!!
  • Loving Happily Inc

    By SBart79
    I'm loving this new series by Susan Mallery in Happily Inc. Carol, gamekeeper of Millie the giraffe needs to get friends for Millie so she takes up the offer of Mathias her neighbor to help with funds. Mathias has arrived to Happily Inc with no ties but with betrayal from his family. Mathias and Carol are good friends but neither want to let on to each other that there is deeper feeling between them. Add in the relationship of Carol's sister, Violet and Ulrich, the perfect fairy tale relationship. I loved how we had visitors from Fools Gold, Eddie, Gladys and Mayor Marsha. Loved Millie and Sophie too. This was a fun read that had plenty of laugh out moments. I highly recommend!!
  • Fun and Sexy!

    By Pattimurt
    Loved this book. It’s really a bonus as there are two romances that occur. The primary story is scout Carol and Mathias. Carol is a game warden for the local wildlife preserve, not a glamorous job she has a heart of gold and cares deeply for her friends as well as her animals. She is worried about Millie the lone giraffe at her preserve. Carol is trying to raise funds to get more giraffes so Millie won’t be alone. Mathias is an artist that works with glass, he has had a great deal of family drama and he deals with it by not getting close to people especially women. Mathias is a one night stand type of guy, the opposite of Carol. Mathias and Carol are neighbors and friends. As their friendship grows the attraction between them grows. It is a sweet romance with twists and turns along the way. At the same time Carol’s sister, Violet, meets Ulrich. After a rocky start they find a connection that grows strong and is fun to watch. The book is great and it’s the second time Susan Mallery takes us to Happily Inc a Wedding Destination town. The town is quirky and fun. For fans of Mallery’s last series Fools Gold we get a few visitors from there like Mayor Marsha still working her magic. I loved the book and the sweet and sexy story. I also love when we get to see some characters we met previously. A great read,
  • Great read!

    By cthill78
    I was looking forward to reading Mathias’s story and it didn’t disappoint. It was fun to watch him fall for Carol. I really liked Carol in this book also. The whole book was great from beginning to end.
  • Delightfully Entertaining

    By pegg12
    The Second Chance Girl is a delightful and entertaining romance. The Duke of Somerbrooke was concerned over valuables that were missing from his estate. And the only packages that were leaving his home were addressed to an American, Violet Lund, in his grandmother’s handwriting. Ulrich Sherwood was livid. Violet Lund was a conniving thief who was manipulating his grandmother. The Duke would see justice done, even if that meant, that he had to travel thousands of miles to do so. Violet Lund, couldn’t believe when the man of her dreams, Ulrich Sherwood, the Duke of Somerbrooke, walked into her shop. The last time she saw him, she was all frizzy hair and braces; and he had made her feel beautiful. He was a gorgeous man; except, for the fiery blue daggers that were aimed right at her. What could she possibly have done? Carol Lund loved her work at the Animal Preserve. She also had a hidden crush on her next door neighbor, Mathias Mitchell. They were only friends though. She wasn’t anything special, and he was a well-known artist. Besides, Mathias didn’t do relationships; he was a no commitment, one-night romance type of guy. And, although, he could never be hers, she sometimes imagined that he was. Mathias secretly adored his giraffe loving next door neighbor, Carol Lund. If he were to trust any woman, it would be her. But, Mathias learned from a young age that love often led to betrayal and pain. So Mathias would admire Carol from the sidelines. Little did he know, though, that events in his life were going to drive him right into Carol’s arms. Second Chance Girl is a well-written light read, filled with witty dialogue and sweet romance. Thank you, Harlequin and NetGalley, for my advanced review copy. I thoroughly enjoyed it.