Never Look Back - W.J. May

Never Look Back

By W.J. May

  • Release Date: 2017-06-02
  • Genre: Paranormal
Score: 3.5
From 154 Ratings


USA Today Bestselling author, W.J. May, brings you to a new level of fantasy. Fans of Underworld and paranormal worlds will love this story!

"The wise learn many things from their enemies."    

My name's Atlanta Skolar, and I'm a huntress. No, not the vampire-slaying type, or the ever-brooding Winchester brothers from Supernatural. I live a relatively normal life—during the day at least. I go to school, have friends, and try my best to survive Uncle James' horrendous cooking.

However, the nights in the city of Calen are not always calm. There's a thin veil between our world and the world of monsters, the good and the bad. I'm one of the few who stands between the two. With the help of my uncle, who's taken me in since my parents' deaths, I spend the nights making sure the balance is maintained and that each side keeps to their respective places.

At least, that was until something rattled the cages and everything hit the fan. There's a new evil in town, an evil that's been here before, and it may be responsible for my parents' deaths. An evil that isn't satisfied with the balance. It'll do all it can to make sure darkness falls over Calen and the rest of the world once again.

Scary? That ain't the half of it.

It's particularly interested in me. 

Why? No idea. 

But it's my job as a huntress to make sure the evil is stopped, no matter what.


  • Painful Read

    By TT784
    I really didn’t like it. I wanted to but I didn’t . It was a drawn out boring paranormal story that the story line just wasn’t catchy enough to buy the next book.
  • Poorly Written

    By GimmeGimme21086
    The concept is a decent one but the execution was poor. Many grammatical & continuity errors - for example in one scene two characters are slowly walking towards each another and then all of a sudden the first character is facing the opposite direction while the second approaches. Try out this sentence found on page 288- “The sounds of lips moving and uttering sounds that mingled into conversation sounded more like the sound of two metals pressing against each other.” A lot of awkward phrasing, misuse of words. The characters act so unrealistically. Someone’s father dies and all they can think about is who they’re dating? Just as one example. Many times the descriptions are needlessly wordy. I struggled to finish this book and wouldn’t continue with the series.