How to Be Confident and Destroy Low Self-Esteem: The Ultimate Guide for Turning Your Life Around - Beau Norton

How to Be Confident and Destroy Low Self-Esteem: The Ultimate Guide for Turning Your Life Around

By Beau Norton

  • Release Date: 2017-05-17
  • Genre: Self-Improvement
Score: 4.5
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"How to Be Confident and Destroy Low Self-Esteem" will show you the steps that have taken countless people from a life of lack and insecurity to a life of extreme confidence and abundance. 

Do you suffer from a lack of self-esteem and confidence? Do you wish that you were more sure of yourself so you could go out in the world and do great things? This book will give you the tools necessary for you to begin creating extreme confidence and success in your life. 

"How to Be Confident and Destroy Low Self-Esteem" is full of proven strategies for increasing self-esteem and confidence. Years of personal research and experience have allowed me to create this potentially life changing book for you. 

Topics covered include the power of positive thinking, body language, mind-body connection, goal setting and visualization, facing fear, and more. Practicing the strategies and techniques mentioned in "How to Be Confident and Destroy Low Self-Esteem" will help you to begin moving forward in the direction of your dreams with confidence and conviction.

You were destined for greatness. You deserve to live a life of abundance. Confidence is the result of success, no matter how small. Take the first step, never give up, and you will see amazing things begin to happen as your confidence and self-esteem rises. 

From chapter 2:

"Remember, you always have the choice to consciously emulate the characteristics of the people you wish to be like. This essentially mean that you have the ability to become whoever you want if you have the right knowledge and skills to do so. If you use the strategies and techniques in this book and practice them regularly, you will gain the ability to shape your life and personality into whatever you choose. Remember though, this is not about trying to be someone else or create a false identity. It is about consciously choosing your own destiny and becoming the strongest version of yourself."

From chapter 3:

"Confidence is a result of progress, and that is why goal setting is so important. Goals will give you something to work towards and will give your life more meaning. You will begin to see that you are actually capable of more than you previously thought, and you will likely begin to wonder how far you can go. Keep the vision of your dreams in mind, set small goals that lead you there, and success and confidence will come naturally."

From chapter 5:

"Everyone experiences fear. It is a natural response to unfamiliar situations. With society evolving at such a rapid pace, unfamiliarity is very common. However, I believe that unfamiliarity and unpredictability is what makes life exciting. Excitement and fear are almost identical emotions, the only difference being the way we label those emotions. Next time you feel afraid, rethink the situation and consider that maybe you’re just excited! At the least, know that everyone has fears and insecurities and that being afraid does not make you weak or any less capable of achieving greatness. In fact, fear is a blessing. When you overcome fears, you are generously rewarded with increased confidence and self-esteem. Without fear, you would never know how great it feels to overcome challenges and evolve into a stronger version of yourself. I promise you, the struggle is worth it. Carry on and stay strong, my friend."


  • Must read this book if you want the truth

    By mskate187
    Please anyone reading this , I admire your bravery and I hope this helps you as much as it has helped me . thank you and so long my friends
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    By Sweetness882
    Good read!
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    Very good book with practical steps on how to become more confident! Thumbs up!
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    Great read