Genealogy by Moonlight - Denise Larson

Genealogy by Moonlight

By Denise Larson

  • Release Date: 2017-05-18
  • Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers


In this, the third episode for Tobias Arving, a professional genealogist in Riverport, Maine, Tobias finds at his front door a mystery wrapped in Maine history and, inside, a riddle of ancient mysticism as he continues to work on his client Klara’s family story. Things start getting otherworldly with a hint of reincarnation, a touch of haunted island with ties to the French aristocracy, and a brush with the guardians of Mount Katahdin, who want no man to walk upon the sacred mountain.

Will a trip to Wales, Great Britain, help trace Klara’s ancestor to Wales, Maine? Tobias is a feet-on-the-ground, man-was-not-meant-to-fly kind of guy, but the proof is across the pond—and so is Pollie, who Tobias thinks about all the time but doesn’t call, doesn’t contact. Arving’s got to man-up before he loses his leads and his love.