Drawing Dinosaurs: How To Draw Dinosaurs for Absolute Beginners - Adrian Sanqui

Drawing Dinosaurs: How To Draw Dinosaurs for Absolute Beginners

By Adrian Sanqui

  • Release Date: 2017-05-21
  • Genre: Art & Architecture


Table of Contents

Introduction: Drawing a Dinosaur
Drawing tools
Drawing Software
Dinosaur Heads
Armored Dinosaurs

Introduction: Drawing a Dinosaur

In order to have a good start in learning how to draw a dinosaur or anything for this matter, you should know the basics of visually describing a form. You should know how to follow through the contour planes or dimensions of any basic shapes to effectively portray the subject. Observe how the reference lines travel across the body of the figure and how the depiction of its skin texture or any other details follows the dimensions. How you apply the shades also matters when you want to portray texture and dimensions. It is also better to know how to create the most basic form of the subject to properly depict a proportionate figure and identify if there is anything wrong or missing in your outline before you finalize a drawing.

This tutorial will include a careful process of establishing the main outline of the figure, erasing unnecessary line works and redefining, layering the colors and shades according to its value, and correcting errors along the way. The proportions may differ from subject to subject, even if it's from the same genus (no matter how little, subtle differences will matter in the long run), so I advice you to have image preferences and observe them before you do your own. Depictions of dinosaurs may vary from artists to artists since their existence is solely based on fossils, and so it’s up to your creativity to fill up whatever subtle parts and elements might be missing to depict the image of an animal that is barely known.