The Complete Labrador Handbook - Linda Whitwam

The Complete Labrador Handbook

By Linda Whitwam

  • Release Date: 2017-06-01
  • Genre: Pets


No.1 Labrador Bestseller!
“This is an excellent read for anyone who wants a Labrador or already has one. I have been breeding Labradors for 35 years and I will be recommending this to my puppy buyers from now on,” CHERYL A. CURTIS, USA
“This is the book I have been looking for. This is my first Lab & after reading this book I am able to understand why my Lab behaves the way he does,” L. NORDENHOLD
Discover The Best Way To Train Your Labrador Quickly
This Apple book has over 100 colour photos of Labs & dozens of pages devoted to TRAINING & BEHAVIOUR:
Housetraining & Crate Training, Obedience Training, Clicker Training, Collar & Lead, The Recall, Speak & Shush, Typical Labrador Traits - & Dealing With Unwanted Behaviour. 31 Labrador breeders & trainers share their best methods & insider tips for training & raising a happy, well-behaved Lab from pup to old age.
This is the highest-rated Labrador book & part of The Canine Handbooks, the No.1 Dog Breed Series.
• What Every Labrador Owner Should Know • First Few Weeks Step-by-Step • Socialisation & Exercise - How Much & How Often? • What Makes a Labrador Tick? • Differences Between Working & Show Labradors • Neutering, Spaying & The Heat Cycle • A-Z on Labrador Health • Avoiding & Dealing With Separation Anxiety • Feeding & Grooming • Labrador Rescue • Caring for Older Labradors
There’s tons of advice on how to spot good & bad breeders, the important questions to ask, & how to pick a healthy Labrador pup with a good temperament.
"I was sceptical about the merits of this book when bought in preparation for arrival of 8 week old black lab Loki. It’s actually a brilliant book/manual, very readable and loaded with really helpful and important info about every stage of your Labrador’s development and needs. It is permanently on our kitchen worktop and consulted almost daily,” RUSS TATTERSALL, UK
"Plenty of research has clearly gone into this book with so many quotes from reputable breeders. As an Assured KC Breeder of Labradors I have already added this Handbook to my suggested reading list for prospective puppy families, and can wholeheartedly recommend it," MOLANTALI, UK
“We found this to be an excellent book filled with valuable information, tips & guidance for Lab owners. Our puppy is now 4 months old & we have already put into practice some of the tips & techniques suggested in the book,” R.M. SCHARNHORST, US
"A great book for new labrador owners like ourselves. I like the fact it gives real-life experiences from seasoned labrador owners. Bella seems to like it too, as there are already teeth marks on the cover...lets turn to the chapter to stop puppies biting!" ENUD DAVIES, UK