The Complete Poems of Emily Bronte - Emily Brontë

The Complete Poems of Emily Bronte

By Emily Brontë

  • Release Date: 2017-06-12
  • Genre: Poetry


This superb anthology of poems contains Emily Bronte's verses in their entirety, including her private and posthumously published poetry, as compiled and edited by the literary critic Clement Shorter.
The Complete Poems of Emily Bronte is a collection assembled both from past publications featuring Emily Bronte's works, and private collections discovered after her death by members of her family. Although her verse compositions are overshadowed to this day by her phenomenally successful novel Wuthering Heights, they remain worthy examples of the Romantic era form and of the author's pronounced literary talents. 
The poems situated at the conclusion of this collection went unpublished for several decades and did not appear in print until 1908. Emily Bronte was an intensely private character, who took very little interest in promoting her works to the public. As such, many of these poems never appeared in print until years or even decades after her death in 1848. 
Alongside the poems themselves, this collection contains a biographical introduction which explains the most pivotal events in Emily's life. Her personality and literary style are explained insofar as the scant evidence available allows, shedding light on a figure who lived a famously mysterious and secluded life. Perhaps her most notable trait, which undoubtedly inspired much of her literary output, was an immense affinity for nature and animals. 
Although Emily Bronte lived only until the age of thirty, her works of prose and poetry have been lauded for their exceptional beauty and style. She remains a towering and influential figure in English literature, and an inspiration to numerous writers and poets.