The Complete Works of Leo Tolstoy (Illustrated/Inline Footnotes) - Leo Tolstoy

The Complete Works of Leo Tolstoy (Illustrated/Inline Footnotes)

By Leo Tolstoy

  • Release Date: 2017-06-10
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


Leo Tolstoy was a Russian novelist and philosopher who is widely regarded as one of the greatest writers of all time. Born in 1828 into a wealthy aristocratic family, Tolstoy's work reflects his personal struggles with the existential questions of life, morality, and religion.

Tolstoy is best known for his epic novels, including "War and Peace" and "Anna Karenina." These books are notable for their complex characters, vivid descriptions of life in 19th-century Russia, and their exploration of timeless themes such as love, death, and the human condition. Tolstoy's writing style is marked by his ability to capture the intricacies of human relationships, and his deep insights into the nature of human experience.

In addition to his literary work, Tolstoy was also a prolific philosopher and social activist. He was deeply committed to social reform, and his views on pacifism, nonviolence, and the value of simple living had a profound impact on political and philosophical thought in the 20th century. His later works, such as "The Kingdom of God Is Within You" and "What Is Art?," are influential works of social and political philosophy.

Tolstoy's legacy continues to be celebrated today, both for his literary achievements and his contributions to philosophy and social activism. His work remains widely read and studied around the world, and his influence can be seen in countless works of literature, philosophy, and social thought.

The Complete Works of Leo Tolstoy.

Ebook comes with a main table of contents and interlinked sub table of contents.  Each chapter is clearly marked so the reader knows which book within the boxset is being read. 

The Novels.
The Cossacks. (Illustrated/Inline Footnotes)
War and Peace. (Inline Footnotes)
Anna Karenina. (Inline Footnotes)
Resurrection. (Inline Footnotes)

The Novellas.
Family Happiness. (Inline Footnotes)
The Death of Ivan Ilych. (Inline Footnotes)
The Kreutzer Sonata.
The Forged Coupon.
Hadji Murad. (Inline Footnotes)

The Unfinished Novels.
The Decembrists. (Inline Footnotes)
A Morning of a Landed Proprietor. (Inline Footnotes)

The Complete Short Stories.

The Plays.
The Power of Darkness.
The First Distiller.
The Light Shines in Darkness.
Fruits of Enlightenment.
The Living Corpse.
The Cause of it All.

The Letters and Memoirs.
A Letter to a Hindu.
Letter to Ernest Howard Crosby. 
Letter on the Question of Negroes. 
Letters to His Son Ilya.
Letters to Acquaintances. (Inline footnotes)
The First Step.
Early Days. 
The Beginning of the End.
Three Days in the Village. (Inline footnotes)
The Demands of Love. 
Last Will and Testament.
Last Message to Mankind.

Tolstoy on Religion.
What I Believe.
The Gospel in Brief.
A Confession. (Inline footnotes)
The Kingdom of God Is Within You.
Christianity and Patriotism.
Reason and Religion.
Persecution of Christians in Russia.
Thoughts on God.
Thou Shalt Not Kill'
Two Wars.
Reason and Morality.
Church and State. (Inline Footnotes)

Tolstoy on Art and Literature.
What is Art? (Inline Footnotes)
Wherein Is Truth In Art?
Shakespeare and the Drama.
Works of Guy de Maupassant.
A Stockham's Tokology.
Amiel's Diary.
S. T. Seménov's Peasant Stories.
Stop and Think!
Introduction to Modern Science.

Tolstoy on Politics and Social Reform.
Patriotism or Peace.
Patriotism and Government. (Inline Footnotes)
To the Tsar and His Assistants. (Inline Footnotes)
The Slavery of Our Times. (Inline Footnotes)
To The Working People.
Carthago Delenda Est.
What Shall We Do?
What to Do? Thoughts Evoked by the Census in Moscow. (Inline Footnotes)
Shame! Translated by Nathan Haskell Dole. (Inline Footnotes)
Two Wars.
Bethink Yourselves!
A Terrible Question.
Why Do People Stupefy Themselves.
On Anarchy.
Three Methods of Reform.
On Communal Life.
The Emigration of the Doukhobors. (Inline Footnotes)
A Great Iniquity. (Inline Footnotes)
The Meaning of the Russian Revolution.
Help for the Starving.
In the Midst of the Starving.
Means of Helping the Population Suffering from Bad Harvests. (Inline Footnotes)
I Cannot Be Silent.
An Appeal to Russians.
Tolstoy on Lincoln.
A Comparison of America and Europe.

The Criticism of Tolstoy.
“Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky” by Maurice Baring.
My Literary Passions: “Tolstoy” by William Dean Howells.
Essays on Russian Novelists: “Tolstoi” by William Lyon Phelps. (Inline Footnotes)
“Tolstoy the Artist” by Ivan Panin.
“Tolstoy the Preacher” by Ivan Panin.
“Tolstoy and the Cult of Simplicity” by G. K. Chesterton.
“Count Tolstoi and the Public Censor” by Isabel Hapgood.
The Russian Point of View By Virginia Woolf.
The Revivalism of Leo Tolstoy By Otto Heller.

The Biographies on Tolstoy.
Leo Tolstoy - His Life and Work by P. Biryukov (Illustrated)
 Reminiscences of Tolstoy by His Son Ilya Tolstoy. (Inline Footnotes)